Oct 19 2010

More on Change

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I have been considering my options for what I’d like to do next.   Do I want to stay at my job until at least the end of 2010? go traveling now? go back to school?   The whole world is open to me literally, many people would be thrilled to be in my position but for the past week trying to make a solid decision has been as fun as 6 cavities at the dentist.

A list pros and cons always seems to work on sitcoms so I made a few.  Traveling right now might have lost out, Europe must be lovelier in the Spring and I’d like more time to strengthen my knee and find a possible travel partner.  Going back to school is high on pros so I’ve been toying with the idea of turning an extra-curricular passion into a career.

One thing that has been a spectacular addition to my life is yoga.

I started practicing yoga three times a week two and a half years ago and have been considering teacher training for a year now.  I’ve been talking with my teachers, picking their brains for any tidbits about schools, the lifestyle, working in Vancouver.  Just yesterday I spoke with a yoga teacher who told me all about her experiences at a yoga school in Mexico just a couple hours from where my dad lives.  Her face lit up as she reminisced saying it was the experience of a lifetime.   I’ve been researching the school non-stop and I think it could be a great place for me to learn and become certified.  It’s also half the price of any reputable Vancouver school but also includes accommodations and meals.

Another area of great interest for me is culinary arts.

I started experimenting with cooking just over a year ago and my love is getting more and more out of hand… in a good way.  Note: I will post recipes soon.  I enjoy each step of the process from picking ingredients at the market, preparation, the actual cooking and timing to serving the meal and having people enjoy the meal.  The only thing I’m not fond of is washing all those dishes.  I’ve done research on programs at Pacific Institute, VCC and The Art Institute and am closer to choosing what would work best for me.

Other Areas of Interest
Human Resources, Recruitment, Nutrition, Film Editing, Web Design and/or starting my own business etc etc.

Things I Know
After over 10 years working in an office it’s important to try something different, I can always go back to a desk later.  I need to be helping people and providing a service.  And life is too short for me not to pursue my dreams.

Next Steps?
Take cooking classes, sign up for an intense yoga weekend, check out in person VCC, Pacific Institute and Prana Yoga, speak with Yandara Yoga, get my passport renewed just in case. 😉

2 Responses to “More on Change”

  1. Wicked Halo says:

    Yes, the best time to come to Europe is between May and October (with August being a bit of a no no, too crowded). But you seem to really have taken a shining to yoga, and the Mexican school seems to be a really great deal, go for it girl 🙂

  2. renr says:

    So many options! But I like seeing how systematically you handled each one. You’ve really put a lot of thought into taking the next step. I think we may well see you in Mexico soon! 😀