Oct 14 2010

The Effects Moving Has On Blogging

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How Much Can I Bring Part I

I’ve been thinking more about how I’m going to continue outfit blogging once I move….. Now I know I’ve been slow about it lately anyways (today I’m wearing a Banana Republic argyle sweater, my star printed skirt, brown leggings and mens loafers).  To be fair I’m still in shock after purging 12 garbage bags of clothing, saving 2 more to sell and 1 more straight to the trash. I really don’t have much clothing left to work with. This number will be even further diminished once I move into the sublet, there is not much space and I don’t want to live in a pile of clothes!

How much I can bring? At first thought; 3 jackets, 5 pairs of shoes, 2 jeans, 2 pants, 10 skirts, 10 dresses, 3 hats, 3 scarves,10 tee shirts, 10 blouses, a few random accessories and of course socks, tights and undergarments. Basically whatever I can fit into 2 large suitcases and 2 carry on size suitcases.  If I lay it all out and make sure most pieces coordinate together this could equate to hundreds of outfit combinations.   Mixing and matching will be the key to keeping it interesting.  I’ll be sure to post once I organize my choices.

The rest of my clothing will be either purged or stored until next year. Hmmm….. will this really be enough clothing for 2 months….

Love Eyeliah

P.S. I will post a couple outfits soon!

2 Responses to “The Effects Moving Has On Blogging”

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    58 pieces should be enough for two months, and you can enjoy the challenge. It will be like the 30 for 30, twice 😉

  2. Eli says:

    should be enough, and if it isnt you just make it work! 🙂