Oct 05 2010


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I started Style Symmetry almost THREE years ago at the age of 25 and my life has now changed so much from what it once was that something needs to be said (again) to you my readers. I didn’t want to get into this here but I did feel I have to….. so I will be deleting most details of this post shortly after you have had a chance to read it. My relationship ended earlier this year. Since then I have been trying to make sense of my life, figure out my next steps and now I am finally ready (not really, but willing) to make the necessary changes.

Changes that I already made;

1. My Style. I hadn’t been feeling as ‘outrageous and daring’ as I once did. I now find inspiration in simplicity and clean lines. Number one goal has been to avoid looking like a disaster whenever I leave the house, this is not always accomplished.

2.Makeup. I didn’t wear makeup all summer, I hope I can continue this through autumn.

3. My Friends. Most my old friends were mutual and I was very fortunate by making sure I was ‘up for anything’ I made a whole new group of friends at the beginning of summer. They really made the last three months awesome. P.S I still love my old friends.

4. The Eyeline. The end of The Eyeline was mostly due to a lack of inspiration. I still am spotting stylish people on the street but the motivation to approach them for photos is gone. It worked out well to discontinue posting on the site’s one year anniversary, I will be thrilled if I find the urge to return to it again.

Changes yet to be made;

1. My Apartment. I’ve lived here for 4 years and now I’m moving out in 2 weeks. It truly feels like home so giving it up will be a tough one. I will be subletting until the end of the year, not sure yet where I’ll live in 2011.

2. My Job. I have been in my current job for 3 years, I have recently talked to my boss about the possibility of leaving, mostly due to the next item….

3. My City. I feel the need to travel and have been taking many trips over the past couple months, but I need to go bigger! I’ve been trying to make either Amsterdam or Mexico a reality for three months now. Not sure yet if it will be a short term or long term trip but could be anywhere from 1 month to 1 year.

4. Blogging. Now you know why my motivation to blog has been so low. And without my balcony new outfit spots will need to be determined. I’m too shy for public photos – this may have to change if I want to continue posting outfits. Or perhaps I will take the blog in a different direction.

It’s still crazy to me how my whole life was turned upside down. In a way I feel like I’m 18 years old again, starting my life for the first time. I’m equal parts excited and scared. And now you know, ahhhh the relief!

Love Eyeliah

22 Responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. marta says:

    I suspected this and I was right, it is hard to start over but also it can be fun, we all know that nothing lasts forever, so don’t let anything take your inspiration away from you, after all, life goes on and better things comes our way. You are still young, beautiful & full of life. Don’t disappear like Agathe did, please, it will feel like a great lost too, but I think you won’t do that.

  2. The Waves says:

    I think I sort of know how you are feeling about a lot of this stuff. Doesn’t it all feel almost too overwhelming, but at the same time you have a tingling in your stomach that tells you to go for it and embrace the new..? To me, when I was more or less in your shoes in the past, the tingling in my stomach was the stuff that kept me believing in myself through the hard times. If you have that, you will get through everything, and you will come out of all the changes a better, a more defined of a person.

    Don’t give yourself a hard time for lack of inspiration when it comes to blogging. You’ll figure everything out in due course, and your readers will still be here for you, even if you decide to take a break or whatever you might want to do. I guess what I am saying here is this: embrace the change the best you can, and if you get scared occasionally, that is okay! You are a wonderfully vibrant, beautiful person, and I am sure you will do well whatever it is you decide to do in life! *Virtual hugs!*

  3. Franca says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that, but it sounds like you’re doing the right thing with exploring new options and embracing change! Like the others said you’ll be great and don’t worry about the blogging! I’ll still be here. love from me, x

  4. Clare says:

    Many hugs. I’m sorry about all of this, but it does seem like you’re dealing with everything in an extremely level-headed and adult way. Any direction you take this blog, I’ll be here, happily reading. 🙂

  5. Pansy says:

    Oh dear, I definitely understand where you’re coming from about being overwhelmed with changes. Good luck to you!! <3

  6. Jessica says:

    Even though I’m a gal who isn’t keen on change, I will (grudgingly) admit that change is always a very good thing. I hope nothing but the best for you and I’ll be here no matter what direction you take this blog in, my friend!

  7. joelle van dyne says:

    well that IS a ton of change that you’ve been through already! but it sounds like some changes of the good and exciting type are happening too. it’s awesome that you’re able to make the best of everything.

  8. Lyddiegal says:

    Sounds like you’ve been having quite the year.
    I hope you do make it to Amsterdam, it’s such a beautiful city and a fun place to be.
    If I had some opportunity to move there, I’d be hard pressed to decline.

  9. jocelyne says:

    Oh lady, best of luck to you! I have been going through many of the same things recently. Change is always good, enjoy your life, you are still so young and have lots left to acomplish! I hope you continue to blog in some sort, you are such a sweetheat and i have always enjoyed our interactions! 🙂

  10. Kelly says:

    Eyeliah, congrats, not on the breakup part but on all the things you have and will gain as you go through this next phase of life. Change is what makes us better, stronger; it gives us character and a sense of humour!(I went through a major upheaval like you did five years ago, left the man, quit the job, moved cities, and am about to embark on another, waaaay more positive but massively massively life-changing one that may or may not see me continuing my blog!). Blogs come and go; I hope you don’t sweat over the idea of leaving. I sincerely wish you all the best; it has been a true pleasure blogging with a fellow Canadian thriftista! Kelly xo

  11. renr says:

    I’m glad that you’re seeing things in a positive light, and staying strong in these circumstances. I think this is a good time as any for you to explore areas that you’ve always wanted to but didn’t because of ties. Wishing all the best and sending good thoughts. ♥
    If you need someone to rant at/talk to, you can always send me an email or something. 🙂

  12. Wicked Halo says:

    So sorry to hear about this darling, it’s most unfortunate, but I’m proud of you, that instead of just dwelling into misery and self pity you decided to use this as an “excuse” for radical change, it takes a lot of spunk, energy and an open mind to be able to do this. I’m sure many good things will come out of this moment of sadness and I’m rooting for you and for all your wishes to come true! sending lots lots lots of positive vibes your way sweetie 🙂

  13. Eline says:

    Wow, that certainly is a lot of change, but am I right when I get the feeling that you’re sort of happy you’re going through all these changes? Than I am happy for you. Change is most definitely a good thing when you go in level-headed and positive and you sound just that to me! The Waves kinda perfectly already said what I wanted to say though. Your readers will definitely still be here! Don’t worry about comments or any of that stuff: just do what you feel like doing and what makes you happy. Good luck with all of your changes!

  14. Teenysparkles says:

    It sounds like your life has endless possibilities…I hope all of your dreams are realised, and you have much happiness.

  15. alison says:

    Of course by this point you’ve had plenty of “change is good” comments, all true. Something I read a long time ago always runs through my head at time of upheaval: object move jarringly to their place, and smoothly in their place. I guess the idea is that you know that when life gets back to running smoothly, all is as it should be, but it sometimes takes some discomfort to get there. And whatever you decide to do with this blog, your obvious talent will ensure lots of followers!
    All the best!!

  16. WendyB says:

    You’ve got a lot going on!

  17. wardrobe experience says:

    i suspected something like the things you wrote in this post before. I feel totally with you. nearly the same things happened to me during the past few months, weeks and days…just in a different order… everything had changed and is still changing – I feel like changing a lot too! i lost nearly everything in life i loved… started a new life far away from my dearest friends and family… and i still don’t know how continue my beloved hobby… blogging.

    i wish you all the best!

  18. Jenny says:

    Hi darling,

    Thanks for sharing these things with us. I’m sure it’s not easy to be publicly vulnerable, but we’re all on your side and hope things start to look up. I’ve been going through some big changes in my life too, and I’m so proud of you for being active, for making new friends, going on with your life. Sometimes even basic things like taking a shower can be difficult after the end of an important relationship in your life. I hope you’re able to make your travel dreams a reality. I’m in France if you have the means/the desire to visit.


  19. Teresa says:

    The very, VERY best to you. I can feel the angst coming through your post – but your strength is shining through even more. It can seem so difficult to work through those difficult, downright awful and painful parts of life. But you are staying afloat and actually rowing through life’s turbulent waters. It is wonderful that you are setting goals, and standing firm on the changes you’ve made. You are a strong, beautiful woman who deserves much happiness. Best wishes always!! 🙂 I’ll still keep reading — whenever you feel like posting. (( hugs ))

  20. Bianca says:

    Ah! I go on vacation for a few days and miss a MAJOR announcement.

    I just wanted to post a message saying congrats and I am so excited for you! Sounds like you are on your way to some new and exciting things. When I was around your age…. (oh God – LOL) I packed up all my stuff and moved from Denver, CO to Washington, DC. I didn’t know a single person there…It just felt like I needed a change, and it was wonderful. I wish you all the best, and hope we get to hear about your future. I know its going to be a good one!

  21. Mom says:

    I’m proud of you where ever you live, what ever you do, You’re an A+ daughter.
    Love you

  22. Audi says:

    I’m sure you must’ve been having a rough time of it, but hang in there! Everything happens for a reason; I’ve no doubt your recent turmoil will eventually lead you to something new and amazing. And yes, take the plunge and travel — you will never regret it!