May 28 2010

No Loving For Nothing, Slow Your Body Down

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 8:10 am

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting less often. I’m not so sure if it’s the best plan as my head is crammed with enough ideas to post all day long but I’ve taken on more extra curriculars including a more vigorous guitar practice schedule and daily exercises to compliment my regular three times a week yoga. As a result I was running out of the time to do it all, hence cutting back on the blogging…… Style Symmetry is of course very important to me but I would like to find a balance where I can make time for everything.  We shall see how it goes.

What interests come first in your life?

As part of the change I’m also trying out posting two outfits at once. 🙂

Look #1 Smart Set Baby Blue T Shirt. Floral Skirt, Ebay. Aldo Pale Pink Ballet Flats.

Look #2 Suzy Shier T Shirt. Embellished Skirt, Ebay. Aldo Silver Ballet Flats.

*Dragon Queen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs*

Love Eyeliah

12 Responses to “No Loving For Nothing, Slow Your Body Down”

  1. Wanderlusting says:

    You know what I notice? The less you post, the more comments you get… but perhaps less visits to the site. If I post everyday (and I have) then I notice I only get like 2-3 comments a post. So I do it less often. At least that’s why I say I do haha, has NOTHING to do with me being a big lazy procrastinator!

    Yes, coffee, thrifting… even just a long walk through the park? I’m just about to head out for a run right now, need to be able to fit in my clothes or else I’ll keep buying more!!

  2. The Waves says:

    My two cents on this: life comes first, blogging second! 🙂

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    I agree with The Waves. Half the time I post, I’m taking a break from work to “check-out” instead of thinking about work constantly, especially since most of my volunteer work is related to work-work and with exactly the same animal welfare groups. The other half of the time, I post from home if I’m not too busy and it’s usually when I’m hanging out at home trying to spend time with the cats because they haven’t seen me in a while – so, again, double-duty.

    I think *because* I use the blog as a distraction from being so intense about work, I tend to post a lot.

  4. Kristin says:

    Love that long skirt. So pretty! The dude and hubs come first for me!

  5. Violet Folklore says:

    Ahhh. It is such a thing, isn’t it? How much time to spend blogging?

    What comes first for me is… thrifting. Ha! No, that comes after my daughter and husband. But maybe before housecleaning. Lately I have committed to a yoga and Tai Chi practice, partially to combat all the time I spend hunched over the computer trying desperately to make some money on Etsy! And hot baths and reading are needed daily rituals too.

  6. robyn says:

    Work on my ebay shop is one. Blogging is two. Sleeping is three. Exercise is down somewhere around 52. I’m ridiculously unfit, but sleep is what keeps me sane. It will all work out when I can cut back on so many ebay postings per week. I dig that you are trying to lead a more balanced life. I think I might try that someday.

  7. Amie says:

    I tend to only post on my blog when I actually feel like I’ve got something I want to share. Sometimes I feel like I should post more often – like I’m somehow neglecting my duties – but I tend to work to the theory of ‘quality over quantity’. I also subscribe to 250+ blogs and I know that as a reader I much prefer waiting for new posts that are interesting and engaging rather than having my feed reader clogged with a bunch of ‘filler’ posts. Plus as fun as blogging can be, yoga and guitar sound way more awesome. 🙂

  8. dearilou says:

    I’ve been reevaluating what comes first in my life recently, it seems. Work and friends and my boy come first, but I seem to spend too much time online. I need to find a better balance I think. I’m glad that you are finding what makes you happiest and organizing it all accordingly. I love the blue tops. I need more tops.

  9. Lyddiegal says:

    Any social opportunities I can manage come first.
    Then we get to tv shows (Burn Notice next week – whoo!)
    Then computering, which often ends up the biggest chunk of time.

    Love your skirts, especially the floral!

  10. wardrobe experience says:

    cute outfits. i like both…
    i totally agree with the waves, too. blogging comes second…but i love it.

  11. The Clothes Horse says:

    Love the glam belt with the floral skirt. I guess my family comes first for me; esp since I’m living at home right now and they always have so much going on! They run me a bit ragged! 😉

  12. Kyla says:

    I love that long skirt. It’s so fancy in that perfect-with-a-tee kind of way!