May 19 2010

I’m Always In This Twilight

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 8:00 am

So my site team informs me the reason my sites keep going down is due to my high CPU usage which is in part affected by how many visitors my sites get (applause? Why thank you). Well it is nice the sites are doing well but I don’t understand why no one would have contacted me to explain that I needed to upgrade? Anyways, I need to take responsibility for my own destiny I know so I am looking into the pros and cons of upgrading or migrating my blog. I really appreciated your kind comments and emails during this crazy time.  I am sorry it hasn’t been the usual Style Symmetry around here and I also haven’t posted on The Eyeline since last week!  I’m going to try and post there next and I’m working to have these issues sorted out shortly.

What issues are you dealing with?  Do you tend to procrastinate them like I do?

The trees are getting so green!

Vintage Prairie Dress, Mintage. Lace Vest, Etsy. Mustard Sandals, Free from Swap.

*Cosmic Love, Florence & The Machine*

Love Eyeliah

22 Responses to “I’m Always In This Twilight”

  1. Jaime @ Denim Debutante says:

    Congrats (I guess?!?) on the need to upgrade! And you look fabulous as always! 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    I love the pattern combination, and the detailing in that dress is fantastic. Love this look!

  3. Sally says:

    The lace at the neckline is so lovely.

  4. Tracy says:

    What a lovely outfit!! Where will you migrate your blog to? Oh yes, I am a huge procrastinator…argh

  5. gina says:

    Congrats on the traffic your sites are getting! I love this dress. So adorable.

  6. Franca says:

    lovely outfit! I really like the bottom picture!

  7. Clare says:

    Holy bananas, that crochet vest is MARV. And I hope you don’t have too much trouble working out the CPU stuff.

  8. jocelyne says:

    I just purchased a very similar dress from the thrift yesterday. I was so exited to find one that fit, all those Jessica’s Gunne’s from the 70s are so small and never fit me. I could actually wear this same outfit as I have a great vest like that too which is one of my favorite pieces which I wear a lot. Thanks for the inspiration, this is a darling ensemble. Glad you are getting everything worked out, that must be frustrating! 🙂

  9. robyn says:

    My issues? Thanks for asking. I do enjoy venting. Right now I am searching for new site models for my ebay shop. Model Megan moved away and all the girls that are applying are some combination of the following 5’3, anorexic, tanorexic, have acrylic nails…etc. It hasn’t been going well.

  10. wanderlusting says:

    Love the dress!

    My issues? Like… blog-wise? I am a terrible procrastinator, so it’s hard to write sometimes when I keep putting it off. I also fall behind in visiting other blogs.

    Non-blog issues? While exploring my new (more) positive outlook on life, I’ve noticed a lot of people (particularly on Twitter or Facebook) just seem to live for making people feel sorry for them. Like, FINE, your life sucks ALL THE TIME. Are you happy now? No, of course not. Sheesh, those people are a total drag and I need to delete them ASAP. Such energy suckers!

  11. Elissa of Spandexpony says:

    Congratulations, I think?? That’s great that things are getting bigger and better for you! You always look amazing in blue… the little ribbon on the dress just pops!

  12. Elly says:

    Congrats on the server-overloading number of readers, though I’m sure you’re not thrilled about dealing with an upgrade process. Oh computers…why must they lead to so many frustrations? (Well, maybe that’s even more common for me because major components of my work/research involve technology.)

    Also, I love your dress!

  13. Retro Chick says:

    I had a similar problem on my blog a few months ago!

    I love that outfit, you look so summery!

  14. Wicked Halo says:

    Congrats I presume ah ah, it’s good to have lots of readers 😀 You sooo look like a summer girl, it makes me want to just laze around!

    I tend to procrastinate a lot…there’s so much stuff I wanna try to do, that I get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing because I just can’t focus…def something I need to change big time!

  15. Ebony says:

    Yay for Floral dresses and crocheted vests! You rock this look 🙂 I love that your shoes are the same colour, I’m nerdy like that!

  16. Lyddiegal says:

    Well that’s good/bad news, and knowing how to fix the problem is probably the best part.

    I don’t like procrastination. Not that I never do it, but I would much rather have things done and off my mind.

    Love the dress, such a cute floral!

  17. The Waves says:

    I love the dress!!!
    My blog problems revolve around my inability to blog with a schedule. I get lazy about posting, and I have nothing to say in my defense! 🙂

  18. Pony says:

    this is a really great outfit, lady … good colours, proportion …awesome 🙂

    also i am deeply jealous of you, going into summer!


  19. Caboguy says:

    – I have always loved the pose you have in the last photo, looking so demure…

  20. Missa says:

    I adore the crochet vest, it’s especially lovely from the back and so cute with the prarie dress!

  21. wardrobe experience says:

    such a cute hippie outfit. the dress is gorgeous!!!