May 17 2010

Sittin Plush With A Royal Flush

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I didn’t post much this weekend as I had a wicked fun girls day on Saturday.  We rented a room at a very swank hotel and participated in debauchery (hot tubs, sun bathing, rich food, alcohol, a very late night and then greasy food for breakfast).

I could live in a five star hotel, if only my budget allowed.  The plush beds, cozy housecoats, maid service (!!), room service, pool and gym amenities  *sighs*.  So picture me, here I was picking up all the items from the mini bar and looking at them when one of my gals yells out ‘what are you doing???’.  Huh?  I guess the items are on sensors so that as soon as you remove them you pay for them!   Maybe you already knew that but I sure didn’t.  She then shows me the fine print on the menu that says ‘anything you remove is automatically added to the bill for your convenience’. Whoops, so here I am, slightly tipsy calling down to the front desk ‘because if I already paid for these $20 chocolate cherries, I want to eat them!’  Luckily the front desk told me there is a timer of about 20 seconds before the charge and nothing had been charged to my room.  Phew, so glad I didn’t empty out the fridge for the weekend to put my drinks in there!!

Would you live in a hotel? Why or why not?

I’ve been having fun mixing a toque (beanie) into my looks these days. Though as it gets warmer I really don’t need it.
Thrifted Plaid Dress & Ankle Boots. The Bay Squished Knee High Socks. Black Eyelet Skirt, Bluenotes.

*Ramble On Rose, Grateful Dead*

Love Eyeliah

5 Responses to “Sittin Plush With A Royal Flush”

  1. Eline says:

    Wait, there’s SENSORS for that kind of stuff?? *_*
    The extravagant luxury etc. in hotels sounds really lovely but I don’t think I could live in a hotel because of the slight lack of privacy. Sure, you could notify your maids etc. that they shouldn’t come in to clean but just the thought of so many other people walking around in the building I’m in would drive me mad after a while!

    Your weekend sounds awesome! I’d love to do that with my girlfriends too 😀

    You look cute! I love your hat!

  2. Sara says:

    I love that plaid dress – so smart to have the eyelet skirt peeking out underneath! Looks fantastic on you.

  3. Sally says:

    Such a darling dress. And I love the addition of the hat!

  4. Lyddiegal says:

    I would definitely live in a hotel. It would have to have free wi-fi and a gorgeous lobby though. I would live at the Poiano in Italy, actually. (their wifi wasn’t free, but the staff was so damn beautiful it would be worth it).

    I didn’t know about the minibar removal rule either! Hahah!

  5. LaLa says:

    Yeah, I totally don’t get people that complain about travelling for work and staying in hotels. I rate it!

    This dress is lovely, grey is one of my favourite shades.