May 12 2010

Fueled By All

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My habits of ‘outfit planning’ did not go out the window in Cabo.  On one of those windy nights I spent a bit of time putting together a few looks.


Sadly this above look did not get worn, I will definitely wear it this summer.


This was what I wore on the plane, another dress over pants ensemble. I took out the bracelets after the first security check but wore the feather earrings the whole day.


Of course you already saw both these outfits 😉

What do you consider a basic outfit?

Once back in Vancouver I wore a couple ‘basic’ outfits the first couple day, you know getting back into the swing takes time.
For me basic means simple and easy, thrown on in a quick moment.  An outfit without added quirks.

White Denim Jacket, Stitches. Pink Striped TShirt, H&M. Bluenotes Black Eyelet Skirt. Circle Necklace & Lilac Gloves, Ebay. Suzy Shier Fringed Scarf. Winners Beige Boots.

Thrifted Grey Wool Sweater, Leopard Skirt and Rose Print Blouse. Music Note Earrings, Etsy. Suzy Shier Fringed Scarf. Winners Beige Boots.

*Kisses Over Babylon, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros*

Love Eyeliah

4 Responses to “Fueled By All”

  1. Tracy says:

    You are so organized! I take forever thumbing through my stuff everytime I want to put something together, and I rarely plan ahead, lol.
    Great looks, all of them!

  2. Wanderlusting says:

    Pretty much my same idea of a basic outfit… I think for me I throw on a dress (usually dark-coloured), a cardigan and a pair of boots. That’s my go to. When I’m thinner, I substitute the dress for jeans and a top.

  3. Lyddiegal says:

    For me, basic would be jeans and a top that requires nothing else, or if it’s summer, a sun dress and flip flops.

    I hate it when I plan out an outfit and then the weather refuses to cooperate.

  4. Violet Folklore says:

    Oh all these dresses are so pretty!

    A dress is pretty much a basic outfit for me. With flats and earrings in summer- tights, boots, sweater/jacket, and earrings in winter.

    (That reminds me there’s a Facebook group for “Wear A Dress Day” on June 1st! For me that’s every day but I’m still participating!).