May 01 2010

If The Sky Was Synthesized

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*Disclaimer* This is a scheduled post, I am currently on vacation in Mexico.
Emails and comments will be responded to intermittently or upon my return May 6th. End Disclaimer*

A Bit of Housekeeping
1. I was interviewed on The Fashion Spot.
2. I made it onto a sailboat.
3. Cabo has been having crazy winds so I haven’t been out much in 2 days now, I just hope it doesn’t turn into a storm. 
4. I guess Agathe sold Style Bytes.
5. Don’t forget this is a 100% vintage challenge and submit your outfits via comments or emails to win $25 got eBay Vintage. Only a couple of entries yet so you’ve got some good odds.

100% Vintage #4

Outtake, hair flip (okay maybe it’s not that outtake worthy but I thought maybe).

Gold Silk Skirt & Mustard Gloves, Etsy. Lace Blouse & Red Ballet Flats, Ebay. Red Belt, Thrifted.

*Brian Eno, MGMT*
This song is on repeat in my head.

Love Eyeliah

7 Responses to “If The Sky Was Synthesized”

  1. Lyddiegal says:

    Yay sailing!
    I love your lacy top and the hair flip photo – too cute!!

    I hope the weather gets better!

  2. Montreal Canada flowers says:

    The laces are racy. She reminds me of Christina Hendricks. That lovely sexy voluptuous girl.

  3. Montreal Canada flowers says:

    And did I mention that she looks elegant too? She’s got something that reminds me of Monica Belluci.

  4. wardrobe experience says:

    amazing outfit! love it from head to toe!

    wish you great holidays in mexico!


  5. Tracy says:

    Beautiful outfit! I really want to enter, but I don’t know that I have enough bonafide vintage. I want to shop for some so bad though–I’d put that gift certificate to good use 😀 I’ll have to really try and see what I can come up with!

  6. dearilou says:

    I love love love the gloves!

  7. Elissa of Spandexpony says:

    Muy elegante, mama! Love that beautiful skirt and your pairing of the blouse, gloves and belt!!