Apr 24 2010

Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 7

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First of all, what was with Tyras flippant opener? ‘who the heck do you think is going home tonight?’ I don’t think she has ever said anything like that in 14 seasons.  The teach is all about who you think you are and really embodying your most wonderful qualities. Letting your self shine, poor Alexandras self confidence is lacking and she couldn’t see herself in a positive light lately.  Whitney Port is there too and they are getting dressed in her designs, some of which are really gorgeous (particularly Raina’s dress).

The challenge is to do runway with personality at Lucky Chengs Drag Cabaret and the audience gets to choose the winner.  Anslee walks like she is angry, Krista nailed it with her mannequin twirl and the rest of the girls did okay. Did you see Miss Jay’s sequin beret? I have the same one.

Miss J

This week for the photshoot the girls were styled in dresses made out of hair, interesting.  They were put on two teams and encouraged to heckle the other girls while their phoos were being taken.  Sweet and innocent seeming Jessica is the one to cross the line calling someone a ‘two cent whore’.  Isn’t she an 18 year old mother too?  She never talks about her kid either, or it’s just edited that way.

Krista got best photo, she looked incredible in the shoot footage.


Raina needs to step it up if she is going to win, please step it up!


The judges liked this shot of Angela for some reason.


Jessica still too safe but it’s very pretty.


Alasia lucked out with this stunning photo.


Alexandra is beyond awkward.


Scratch that, Anslee was much worse.  Tyra thinks she may be more suited to above the neck modelling.
And she was sent home.


Said in an Oprah voice “You’re going to New Zealand!”

New Zealand




6 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 7”

  1. dearilou says:

    My thought is: I want to go to New Zealand!

  2. Nadine says:

    I really like Alexandra :).

  3. Syed says:

    Sigh, I gave up on ANTM a while back. Tyra is far too diva for me to handle. But what a gorgeous shoot!

  4. lisa says:

    I want to go to New Zealand too! But probably not for fashion…

  5. 39th & Broadway says:

    I haven’t watched this since season one but your recap is hilarious. I can totally see Tyra doing the Oprah voice, she is so trying to be the next generation Oprah.

    Now the third photo, Angela, is that a dude? Seriously? Is that a Lucky Cheng’s drag queen or what?

  6. The Waves says:

    Krista deserved best picture, but Raina should have been called second – that shot of Angelea is just ridiculous! What on earth were the judges thinking?! Btw, I think Andre Leon Talley has chosen his winner, he is clearly rooting for Alasia. I just really wish Raina wins, because she seems to have the whole package; looks, talent AND good personality.