Apr 22 2010

I Wanna Get in a Sunrise

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Yeasayer Setlist Commodore Ballroom Vancouver April 21, 2010

The Children
Strange Reunions
Wait for the Summer
I Remember
Love Me Girl
Madder Red
Ambling Alp


I am still really tired so can I just say that the show was incredible?  No that really wouldn’t do.  We arrived at the show 20 minutes before headliners usually take the stage but since they were running an hour later than usual we got their just as the openers Sleight Bells went on.  We followed typical stage rushing protocal, wait for the openers to say ‘this is our last song, thank you so much’, move into the crowd, when they are done everyone leaves to go to the bar, we snake forward as close as we can get.  We ended up in an interesting group, we were the meat in a tall guy sandwich. 🙂  I was worried by all these big guys we might be the centre of a crazy mosh scene but they ended up being a chill group and we had a lot of fun dancing there and a great view, particularly of the lead singer and Anand.  Yeasayer put on an amazing live show, great vocals with an even better sound than on the records.  Thank goodness I got my tickets early since slowly but surely they sold out.  The highlight of the night had to be I Remember with the tall guys singing along at the top of their lungs and the dudes beside us holding up tea light candles.  A bunch of people joined in all around us with lighters and I have to say, part of me was worried the wax was going to fly.  The guy right in front of me I nicknamed ‘the stoic guy’, in his bad ass leather and rocker headband he stood with his arms crossed clutching his beer not moving a muscle.  By the last song prior to the encore he was grooving his head and it made my night!  An hour in and he just couldn’t stand still anymore, I’ve still been thinking about him all day.

This is what I planned to wear to Yeasayer last night but I ended up switching out the purple skirt for my trusty leopard skirt, I straigtened my hair, wore contact lenses, oh and I added my favorite dangling butterfly earrings.

The bracelets were fun.

Jacob Embroidered Tank Top. Purple Skirt, Free from Swap. Studded Bracelets, since teen years. Jeffrey Campbell Grey Ankle Booties, Gift from Solestruck.

*Sunrise, Yeasayer*

Love Eyeliah

4 Responses to “I Wanna Get in a Sunrise”

  1. jentine says:

    Though you didn’t wear the skirt to the concert, it’s certainly cute…

  2. Jenny says:

    I love the skirt! It’s 80’s in the best way (my favorite skirts are 80s skirts!) and I love yeasayer! Thanks for the recap lady.

  3. alison says:

    Those boots are soooo cute! Great summer-y (OK, spring-y) outfit, now that we finally have a little sun every now and then.

  4. Jessica says:

    Even though you opted for a different outfit, you still look fantastically rock ‘n roll in this one!