Apr 20 2010

Paring Down the Closet

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 5:30 pm

My closet is stuffed!!! And by stuffed I mean stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey, stuffed like I am at Shabusen Korean BBQ all you can eat stuffed, I mean I could not stuff in one more single piece of satin fabric in there without the whole thing exploding!   It is not only time for me to stop ‘collecting’ but also time to part with many beloved pieces and this is another reason for the change.   This is not to say I have millions of clothes but that I have only one large closet and one short 4 drawer dresser. In the closet there is a shelving system; it was designed to be the apartment linen closet so don’t ask where I store towels and sheets.   All these shelves are two rows deep with clothes, top shelf is all sweaters, the next two have blouses, tank tops, tshirts, long sleeves and a few dresses, 4th shelf is skirts, shorts and dress pants, bottom shelf is comfy clothes, leggings and jeans.  I don’t want to even count how any hanging pieces are in there, I cannot believe that bar hasn’t collapsed yet.  I am also going to be collecting my storage in Calgary by the summer and that contains two wardrobe boxes of goodies, the cowboy clothes from my Stampede days can go, but the dozen crinolines I will be reluctant to sell.  Now going through all this will be a huge undertaking so I am trying to get a better idea of where my style is heading before I get rid of key pieces that I may miss later.  It will be cleansing and despite how it may seem I am not begrudging but actually looking forward to it.  You can too since I will be listing a huge amount on ebay (and maybe etsy too).   What is to blame for this huge excess? There are a few key reasons I can quickly recall, losing weight and feeling confident in so many things that I just wanted to have them all, an excessively cheap thrift store in my neighborhood and clothing swaps!  Yup, that about sums it up. It’s funny to think how full my closet is and how little I have spent on clothes in the last 2 years, the amount would be shockingly below $1000.   Don’t worry, I spent enough in the 5 years prior.

How full is your closet?

Thrifted Yellow Floral Dress. Gold Floral Hair Clips, Booth. Gold Tights, Ebay. Winners Beige Boots.

Love Eyeliah

16 Responses to “Paring Down the Closet”

  1. Shay says:

    the last photo is so romantic.

  2. dearilou says:

    LOVE this outfit! You look so pretty. I am such a sucker for yellow tights. I bought a pair with the Sock Dreams gift card, actually. Need to wear them soon before the weather gets too warm.
    As for my closet, it is quite empty at the moment. I want to redo my whole wardrobe as well, so it may get emptier here very shortly.

  3. jocelyne says:

    I LOVE LOVE that dress! Gorgeous!! I know what you mean about having too many clothes. I just had a sidewalk sale and sold a lot, then went to crossroads today to swap some stuff. I still have way too much. It’s a problem. It’s really hard for me to get rid of the vintage dresses, they take up about 2/3 of my closet. I need to figure this stuff out too. Let me know if you come to any good conclusions on how to go about it.

  4. Clare says:

    Hahaha. Welllll, I have three closets. And they’re ALL full.


  5. Elly says:

    What a beautiful dress! I really like this outfit.

    Also, I know what you mean about the overly-full closets. That’s on my list to deal with this spring…the problem has been exacerbated by my attempting to transition into new styles/figuring out exactly what my personal style is, and having a very, very cheap thrift store nearby that makes those explorations affordable!

  6. Iva says:

    cute outfit!! my closets {yes closets} are all jam packet!! LOL

  7. Jenny says:

    Yay for paring down the closet! It seems to me to be an impossible task sometimes, but it’ll feel so good once you do it. And also I forgot to chime in earlier, but I never think you dress to young, but then again, I never think there is such a thing as ‘dressing too young.’ I still beg my mom to wear her mini skirts that she’s long since passed down to me.


  8. Eline says:

    You look great once again! ;D

    I’d love to pair down my closet because it is HUGE and things keep falling out of it and getting highly disorganised. I’ve tried to arrange everything by colour and then by skirts/tops/etc. but still it’s a mess! So, I’d love to pair it down but every time I go through it all I realise I love every single piece and even if I don’t love it with all my heart and I might give it away I realise that one day I might love and miss it! It’s happened to me with so many clothes, sigh!

  9. Amie says:

    I really love this outfit. That dress is just adorable and the gold tights are awesome!

    I recently cleared out my wardrobe. It was a painful process. My main problem is hoarding – I still have clothes from when I was 15, I’m now 25. I managed to pare it all down a little (I now have two huge storage bags to donate/sell) and this year I’m only buying second hand or hand made which is really helping me to think about my purchases properly.

  10. Wicked Halo says:

    My closet is full to the point where I’ve lost things and quite often, it’s like a bermuda triangle, they’re there somewhere I just don’t seem to find it 😀

  11. Sara says:

    I love that dress – the print, the fit, the colors are just gorgeous. And those boots and tights are just perfect with it. I love doing a closet purge. I always feel like I have more when it’s over for some reason!

  12. Lyddiegal says:

    Ohhh I know what you mean, mine is beyond capacity as well!
    But I of course, can’t wait too see what you list!


  13. joelle van dyne says:

    i love how your gold tights here pick up the yellowish tones in that floral dress! it’s an unexpected combo that is really pretty.

    oh, and my closet is ridiculously full. it drives me crazy because it’s hard to see what i actually have, and hard to get things in and out. i really need to keep getting rid of things.

  14. Audi says:

    I just did a MAJOR closet purge and I feel like my closet is still stuffed. Sigh…

    By the way, the dress is gorgeous!

  15. Missa says:

    Mine is pretty stuffed too. I’m actually in the process of paring down as well. In my defense though, the closet is not huge AND I share it with my husband though I’d say his stuff only takes up about a fourth of the room. I also have no dresser just the shelves in the closet, are you feeling sorry for me yet? 😉

  16. wardrobe experience says:

    amaziiiiiiiing outfit!!! this dress is so beautiful!