Apr 20 2010


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1.Last Monday my site was down for a bit when the GIVEAWAY went up, as a result there are only two entries – so get on it and enter the LashFood Giveaway, it’s a $95 value !!

2. Thank you for all your comments so far on my style evolution.  I was surprised many of you saying I don’t dress too young for age as I have felt like I have been for the past year or so, not that it really bothered me (lol).  It was mentioned how it’s interesting that I am consciously changing my style, but I think for me it’s kind of hard not to be conscious of it since I keep a style blog, I’ve noticed the changes in outfits like this and this.

3. Curent blog giveaways; Hana Elite on Smile Goes With Everything, Twitch Vintage on Keiko Lynn, ASOS on Retro Chick, Siwy Jeans on The Clothes Horse and Yellow Birdd Purse on Leproust Vintage.

4. The next 5 Days of Symmetry challenge will be starting next week the challenge is to Wear 100% Vintage Every Day, I know it’s a tough one!  Submit your looks and yes there is a prize involved.

Love Eyeliah

2 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. Elea Carey says:

    This is a really fun topic, especially for us older girls. In my thirties, I cared a LOT about how young I was dressing, and it was very important for me to look professional and “grown up.” But since I hit 40, I’ve felt very confident in adding back a lot of youthfulness. Not little-girl stuff, which would just be weird, but joyful, youthful stuff. Like today, I’m in black rubber boots, black yoga pants, a silk, orange print skirt, a red tank and a grey sweater. Plenty funky, youthful and very comfortable!

  2. Retro Chick says:

    Thanks for the linkage to my giveaway!