Apr 18 2010

Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 6

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This week the girls go to a body shape teach, apparently you you ‘need to lift up with a high waisted skirt’ when you have a long torso and use ruching if you have an athletic build.  It feels a bit What Not To Wear as everything they were teaching is common knowledge, but I guess it was useful since Alasia and Brenda didn’t understand their proportions.

Now the girls get to dress up for a night on the town, it is a mingling and networking challenge with industry people and they have to meet one on one with Tinsley Mortimer.  Brenda says she feels right at home, Anslee’s favorite designer is Chanel but when she says ‘she’ Tinsley asks her if she knows who designs for Chanel and of course she does not know it’s Karl Lagerfeld.  Then Alasia hides in the corner and then plays with her hair and Jessica really impresses Tinsley to win the challenge for a second week in a row.

I should mention that this week seems to be all about Alasia’s stupidity and Angelea causing drama.  Alasia’s showering makes the girls late for the teach, doesn’t know her body type, she listens in to Rainas confessional (who does that), her poor showing at the challenge and then how she is completely vacant in the photoshoot.  Angelea is causing drama everywhere she goes.  This is the first time they’ve really showed this side of her but I am pretty sure it’s been their the whole time and it’s just been editing that’s kept it off the show.  She calls the girls names, asks Raina and Brenda what it’s like to be in the bottom two and then acts like they are the ones causing problems.  A & A are just straight up trouble, it’s like ANTM is making up for the lack of drama last year, ugh it’s annoying.  This is probably my least favorite season yet – there I said it.

It’s their first official Cover Girl shoot and last seasons petite winner Nicole showed up, she looks beautiful.  And wow like Cover Girl Shadow Blast, I love it!  The photoshoot is on a moving subway, which is a fresh idea and they are all portraying a different type of New York City woman, not such a fresh idea.

For some reason Angelea got best picture, this would not urge me to buy makeup.

America's Next Top Model

Anslee was much bette, she is selling it.

America's Next Top Model

So was Alexandra.

America's Next Top Model

And even Krista, this photo channels Sinead from Canadas NTM.

America's Next Top Model

Raina could have done better.

America's Next Top Model

Jessica looks vacant, but she’ll do better next week.

America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model

Brenda and Alasia are in the bottom two.
Brenda has been doing consistently poorly.  No surprise the kept the drama and Brenda was sent home.

America's Next Top Model



6 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 6”

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow, I don’t watch this show but it’s fun to see your reviews! Maybe I’ll start watching a bit ;). I think that Anslee and Krista’s pix sell it the best here. I’m always amazed at the lankiness of these girls, I hardly ever see anyone built like this in real life? They are beautiful girls though.

  2. Kristina Karenina says:

    Ugh I completely agree with you, this season is dreadful. All of the models (yes) are pretty, but they have no personalities and no “exotic” beauty to them. They all seem…boring. And waaaaaaay too much drama. ATM forgot it’s roots of inspiring girls to become models instead its all about ghettos, divas, and horrible manners. Sorry if I sound harsh haha it just isn’t inspiring anymore.


  3. Jen says:

    Oh yay, I had not idea there was another antm coming up! Oh and, this is such a long long way off, but I might be coming to Vancouver next year for a few weeks. I’ll let you know once dates etc are planned and I’d love to catch up maybe?

  4. deka says:

    i’m really enjoying this season!
    alexandra is dragging for me. i wish she would punch it up in energy

  5. lisa says:

    I watched this episode last week! Angelea’s photo was my favourite–there’s something diabolical in her eyes and the other photos were only so-so for me.

  6. The Waves says:

    I am really starting to dislike this season too. There is just so much arguing and too many unpleasant personalities. I don’t care how good Angelea’s photo supposedly is, her personality is horrendous and I would never buy anything she advertises just because of that.

    This week’s photos were a bit blah. I thought Krista’s photo wasn’t half bad, this was the first time I saw some life in her eyes. To me, Anslee should have gotten best picture.