Apr 14 2010

Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 5

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Last weeks episode was about being and not being fake.  First the girls had to meet a ‘shy male model’ on a tram.  They only showed a few of the girls performances here, Anslee was the best at being real, Jessica went a bit overboard with the sexuality but it felt like the producers put her up to it.  Next the girls had to pose in lingerie with a comedian while being photographed from below, Jessica won the challenge for taking charge and Angelea put her leg up in the air.  For the photoshoot it was all about fake!  Fake labels, fake eyelashes, fake fur.  It made for quite interesting styling, and alot for the girls to model through.

Angelea moments before making Nigel take an inappropriate picture.

Jessica totally deserved best picture, great movement.


Yes, Angelea embodied this shoot, I admit it.  Tyra said she had trouble choosing between 5 different photos.


Raina looks amazing, can’t believe she was called 2nd to last!


Anslee was stressing about her family, her photos all looked this bored.


What a shot, but that may be mostly the styling.


Again the styling is what makes it fabulous.


Cute pose, she worked it (unfortunately).


Tatianna and Alexandra were in the bottom two.  Ultimately Tatianna was sent home for achieving her best photos only by luck.


Alexandra needs to learn how to work with her body more.




2 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 5”

  1. The Waves says:

    Jessica deserved best photo for sure. I quite liked Brenda’s photo as well, and just like you, couldn’t believe they called Raina so late! I wasn’t sure about sending Tatianna home; I think she would have had more potential in the long run than, say, Krysta, whose eyes are just dead in every picture, or Anslee, who I don’t think could ever handle a career as a model, being away from her family.

  2. louise says:

    krysta, people do leave pine bluff, ar. you must be living in a bubble. it’s more like thousands of people living in pbar.