Apr 11 2010

Waiting For A Light To Come On

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How did you dress in your youth?

As a child I dressed ‘cute’, lots of different styles of dresses, kneesocks, fun t-shirts, matching, pinks, blues and purples.  Pre teens was an awkward era as I was experiencing more freedom in choosing my clothing.  Not many photos but oversized tshirts, long cut off shorts and baggy jeans, the occasional odd mixed in sweat pants, turtlenecks, florals or moms shoulder padded blouses. Early teens I went through a phase of long floral dresses, wavy hair, dark lipstick and hats, lots of hats I finally was finding my own sense of style.  A phase of Value Village shopping, hoards of polo shirts, mens dress pants and khakis, lots of do it yourself styling mixed with my lilac skater shoes, girly accessories and always always nailpolish.  In high school I hit a more trendy style, lots of ‘mall’ shopping and I was (in hindsight) a character right out of Clueless.  Dresses, Le Chateau, leopard print, polyesters (bleech), bright colors, braided hair, makeup (!) and tall shoes (stacked heels, clogs, chunky wedges).  I was also the only kid in school with a cel phone and credit card, they were given to me to learn responsibility not to use frivolously.

Two things that never changed and still haven’t are my love for color and being unique.

As the days get warmer I am approaching a new level of simplicity in my outfits, no need for layers of sweaters and scarves.  I’ve been thinking about completely revamping my style again.  Deconstructing my wardrobe, keep the pieces that really speak to me and then swapping, selling and giving away what I am ready to let go of.  There is a massive clothing swap in 3 weeks that would be the perfect place to make some big changes and for free.  Still thinking about it…
These are reoccurring thoughts, July of ’09 was the last time I posted about the Evolution of Style.

Lace Blouse, Ebay. Feather Earrings, Gift from GratitudeLady on Etsy. Thrifted High Waisted Jeans. Winners Beige Boots.

*Cold Desert, Kings of Leon*

Love Eyeliah

11 Responses to “Waiting For A Light To Come On”

  1. dearilou says:

    I really like this outfit. Your skin looks luminous against the blue sky too.
    In my youth I dressed… Well, I dressed in whatever my mum told me to. I wore lots of Landsend. Penny loafers and jumpers. I had a perm so that my blonde hair was all curly too. Lots of large barrets and poofy headbands. In my tween years I was actually wearing a lot of stuff that is hip now. I totally wore tights under shorts, leggings with dresses, paired with converse. Tie Dye and knee socks were big for me too. Junior high I was half tomboy, half really wanting to fit in. I wore shirts with wolves on them and my converse (which were so not cool at the time.) I would also put random little braids in my hair and hold them with rubber bands that were supposed to go on my braces. High school was lots of t-shirts and zip up hoodies and sketchers at the beginning, but I reverted back to my converse toward the end. My senior year I was very into piled on bracelets and rings and feather earrings. Flared jeans were also very me. It wasn’t until right before I met my now husband that I really came into my style. I bought a bunch of trousers and sweaters and looked quite mod, or so I was told. Big sunglasses too, which are still a staple of my wardrobe.

  2. Clare says:

    I love this outfit. The high-waisted jeans look awesome!

    I was mega-casual as a kid. I think jeans and a t-shirt was all I wore, ever. I occasionally slipped into a dress for a birthday party, but I was casual all the way.

  3. MarchMusings says:

    I was mostly in jeans and tops as a kid and teenager.I dismissed skirts and dresses as being too ‘girly’. Now I’ve discovered the appeal of skirts and how convenient it is to pull on a dress and be ready.

  4. Elissa of Spandexpony says:

    Ooo I like this post a lot… god knows I’ve gone through plenty of changes myself! Love the simple outfit today! Speaking of your outfits… tomorrow I have scheduled a post in which I’ve used one of your outfits for inspiration. Think stripes. Lots of ’em!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Hey lady, I’ve been really loving your outfits lately. I think I see the simplicity and the little changes you’ve been making. It’s kind of exciting to purge your closet and start fresh. I’ve always dressed erratically and I’ve always loved wearing my mom’s clothing, I think these may be the two constants in my dressing style that have remained with me through all the years!


  6. Eline says:

    Oh! I want to see Clueless you SO BAD :D. When I was a kid I had a lot of incredibly cute dresses and such but when I got a little older, my parents a little poorer, the fashions a little greyer, I wore pretty dull things up until I finally made my own money and discovered second hand shops! Before that my obsession with fashion was mostly focussed on sketching paper, Vogue reading and messing about with old scraps of fabric.

    You look great! I love that top and those earrings are such a gorgeous colour!

  7. robyn says:

    I look back at my outfits from childhood on and I usually cringe. I kind of like it that way. I have never been classic, and I probably never will be.

  8. Kyla says:

    I really love this look on you! The jeans are so chic and super flattering – and you know I love a crisp and simple style 🙂

  9. alison says:

    I can’t stress enough how happy I am the grunge coincided with my junior high years! It was all about thrift store cords, plaid shirts and everything else that was baggy, crusty, and totally unsexy. So glad there was no pressure to wear belly shirts and low-rise jeans! I think that that fostered my creativity and openmindedness which has evolved into my current style.

    Good post, and cute pictures!

  10. Audi says:

    Great look — feminine, yet rugged. This is a great outfit for spring.

  11. badban says:

    good very good!!