Apr 07 2010

Now She Walks Through Her Sunken Dream

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 3:30 pm

On BT I won tickets to a prescreening of Date Night, yay it looks really funny. This is the same morning show where I won tickets to meet BOC. Once you win you’ve got to wait 3 months to enter again so I’ve mentally noted July 8th. It reminds me of that joke, you know where the guy prays to win the lottery and then god tells him he needs to first buy the ticket.

I personally am not one to buy lottery tickets since they cost money, but anything I can enter for free you know I never hesitate. You must play to win so segway into a reminder to enter the giveaway for a Hana Elite Flat Iron from Misikko.

Do you play the lottery?

All this talk of summer in the last two posts inspired me to dress in a bit of a fantasy. Obviously this sweet outfit had to be hidden under layers of warmth, it will have to be revisited in a couple of months.

Thrifted Sheer Ruffled Blouse. Embellished Skirt, Ebay. Sequin Flats, Spring.

*Life on Mars, David Bowie*

Love Eyeliah

9 Responses to “Now She Walks Through Her Sunken Dream”

  1. Chelsea S. says:

    That blouse is a DREAM on you! It looks amazing, and I love how it highlights your lovely collar bones! Gorgeous ensemble, dear, and can’t wait for it to be warm enough for you to wear it out!

    I don’t play the lottery, but sometimes I think about it 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    Pretty pretty outfit! I love the skirt and all of your Etsy picks and of course your Bowie reference! My boyfriend can sometimes suddenly be consumed with the urge to buy lottery tickets, which is funny at first, and then when he’s bought six of them in one go, suddenly it becomes a little troubling.

  3. robyn says:

    This is so funny, because I almost never enter anything. ESPECIALLY giveaways… and for some reason that really bothers many bloggers. It seems silly, but it’s because I was always really lucky as a child. I mean REALLY lucky. Pick a number, name out of a hat, 1 in 1000 kind of lucky. I won damn near everything I entered. It spoiled me. As a child you are supposed to learn to lose at things like this, so that not winning the lottery doesn’t bring you to tears as an adult. Well, I never learned those lessons. I am at 26 genuinely disappointed when I don’t win little contests. Thus, I only enter the ones I REALLY REALLY want to win. If I am going to be disappointed at not winning, it had better be fore something awesome…. I’m not saying it’s rational. It’s just how I roll.

  4. dearilou says:

    You look like a gypsy princess.
    And you are not the only blogger doing a giveaway for a flat iron. Something, I am afraid, I have no use for what so ever.

  5. Janiece says:

    Very pirate-wench-with-class! And that skirt certainly *is* embellished! It’s a nice contrast with the plain-coloured blouse.

  6. Lyddiegal says:

    I love your skirt!
    I will occasionally buy a lotto ticket if I am feeling lucky that day. Sometimes I’ll win a few dollars.

  7. Marie says:

    What a gorgeously embellished skirt with a sweet and vintage inspired top!


  8. Kristin says:

    OMG. I love love love this look. Crazy sexy lady!

  9. Valerie says:

    I’m loving the longer hemline! You look like a free spirited gypsy 🙂