Apr 06 2010

Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 4

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This week was about limiting senses, first no speaking. The girls had to silently act out improv skits, I always dread these episodes as there is always a girl who just can’t laugh at herself. This season it was well, almost all of them. Then for a challenge was being the silent posing model in a voice-overed Cover Girl ad campaign on a times square jumbotron. Most the girls awkwardly shifted back and forth while holding the product but Tatianna got up there and danced around and shook her hair out and won, well done.

For the photoshoot it was limiting sight with white out lenses and a tub of blood for a vampire shoot, yeah cuz vampires are so hot right now. The photo results were very lackluster, and yes the girls were still supposed to smize!

Well apparently Alasia is still impressing the judges getting called first for the second week in a row. I just can’t get past her bad attitude in the house, it is one thing to be nasty but insulting Anslees parenting skills? That is unnecessarily below the belt and no one is going to be rooting for you.

America's Next Top Model

Raina was my favorite, though tilting her head up into the light would have made it better.

America's Next Top Model

Tatianna got the bloodiest, hot.

America's Next Top Model

Brenda pulled together a great shot, despite being such a wimp about the lenses and you know everything else in the world.

America's Next Top Model

Alexandra, banging body. Though the judges are worried she is always in side profile.

America's Next Top Model

Jessica, not pushing far enough and again too posed.

America's Next Top Model

Angelea looks bored, but atleast she is not causing drama behind the scenes.

Krista looks dead, literally.

America's Next Top Model

Anslee was put in the bottom two with Simone for all her excuses; struggling in the posing challenge was because she couldn’t hear the instructions and in the shoot she was told to keep grabbing the tub so this bad photo is not her fault either.

America's Next Top Model

I don’t think Simone looked as off as the judges thought but it did take alot to get her here and last weeks hip hop photo was awful too.   And she was sent home.

America's Next Top Model

Brendas new hair is an improvement, though I think a darker dye job would suit her better than this carrot red. This looks like right as Alasia is being called first. I wonder if Jessica and Krista are going to step it up? Right now Tatianna is my favorite tied with Raina.



4 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 4”

  1. The Waves says:

    I thought Raina’s and Tatianna’s photos were the best this week, and I agree with you about Alasia: I don’t care how great her photo is, her personality is just really off-putting. I thought Krista’s photo was worse than Simone’s and Anslee’s, I was really surprised she wasn’t in the bottom two. Too bad Simone didn’t have more energy in her photos, because she was really beautiful. Well, looks aren’t everything. I completely agree with you re: Brenda’s hair. Yes, this cut is better than the one before, but the colour is horrible. I still think they should have given her a Cleopatra cut instead of going short. And finally: what’s up with Tyra’s awful jumpsuits??! 😀

  2. Eli says:

    I missed this weeks! thanks for the recap, must remember to watch tomorrow, I still love Raina

  3. Corie says:

    I am so with you!! I can’t stand Alasia’s attitude…I was so hoping she would be gone! Raina’s my favorite too. I really like her look. As for Brenda’s new hair?? I don’t like it…period.

  4. Empress says:

    Alasia is on fire 2 weeks in a row, thats really got Anslee jealous! Raina, Tatiana and Alasia final 3.