Mar 26 2010

One Thing I Can Tell You Is You Got To Be Free

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To some people cooking a meal is a breeze, for me it is not that simple.  I grew up with a fantastic chef for a mother who even made pasta from scratch and incredibly decorated birthday cakes.  Yes I should have helped in the kitchen and learned more than just the very basics, but truth is I was always more interested in eating food then preparing it.

At this point in my life I am proud to say that I am branching out from just cooking a starch, vegetable and a protein and having them neatly separated on my plate.  My Thursday nights have me measuring, tossing and dancing around the kitchen and chopping faster and faster each week.  For someone who always thought of themselves as a dunce with a stove this is nothing short of a culinary miracle.

Last night I made baked (instead of my usual grilled) salmon with zucchini and tomatoes in a simple lemon olive oil drizzle with onion and minced garlic.

Yum Yum

To An Outfit
Today I took a break from the Style Me challenge for Casual Friday.

Thrifted Banana Republic Argyle Sweater, High Waisted Jeans, Leather Belt and Loafers. Vintage Fur Collar.

*Come Together, The Beatles (great live video)*

Love Eyeliah

11 Responses to “One Thing I Can Tell You Is You Got To Be Free”

  1. Wanderlusting says:

    YUM! Roasted or baked zucchini (and tomats) are my favourite!! This looks like such hopeful SUMMER food haha.

  2. marta says:

    Looks like good food!

  3. gina says:

    Dinner looks delicious!

  4. Jessica says:

    Argyle! A girl after my own heart!

    And my goodness, your dinner looks so good – and healthy!

  5. Kristin says:

    OMG, that meal…It looks heavenly!

  6. Lyddiegal says:

    I love roasted veggies – so tasty. And salmon – yum yum. Cooking is a good skill to have!!

  7. Sonya says:

    You have inspired me! That looks amazingly delicious!

  8. Eline says:

    Oh, I’m the same! And I admit shamefully that my parents often give me some great balanced meals to get through the week because they know I’d just eat noodles otherwise. I’m that bad in the kitchen D:. Although I did find I can make salmon… mainly because I like it really raw XD.

    Your food and you look great!

  9. robyn says:

    That meal looks fantastic. I can’t cook to save my life, but I too enjoy eating well prepared meals.

  10. molly says:

    that looks amazing! and i love your fur collar, is it faux or real? (i’m personally a fan of real fur haha)

  11. Caboguy says:

    – you can make that meal for me anytime!! – as long as no cream of tomato soup involved (ja,ja,ja)