Mar 26 2010

Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 3

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This season of ANTM is really not exciting me, many of the girls lack that wow factor and the house is full of yelling and screaming (which is always awkward and annoying to watch).  I can never understand those you know, rehab shows, shows where a bunch of girls fight over a guy, basically anything which is manufactured to create drama and show people come to odds.  This weeks drama is courtesy of Ren telling Brenda how some girls were making fun of her hair.  This caused Brenda to cover up her Miranda ‘do with a toque (beanie) and piss off Anslee with all her complaining.  I’ve always been the one to not want to know when someone is talking bad about me behind my back and Brendas reaction is exactly why.  It can be totally natural to feel that way, but doesn’t Brenda realize that the reason they talk badly about her is due to jealousy?

This weeks shoot the girls were each taught a specific genre of dance to emulate.

The Judges Favorites


I personally think Alasia is not pulling it off in her face and Jessica looked stiff.

My Favorites


Unique pose by Tatianna, she’s got spunk.


Alexandra is working it, her lack of neck is no biggie considering the epicness of this shot.

The Rest


Tyra was right that Raina should lose the hat, Krista is dreamy though the shot doesn’t read model.


Yeah… give Angelea moshing, great idea. And she only tapped into ‘pain’ because of Jay.


Anslee too literal and Simone not committing. Both these shots could have been best of the week if they moved out of their comfort zones.


Brenda letting the drama get to her & Ren just not caring. Brenda is now getting another makeover Tyra decided, I hope to a dark bob and Ren was sent home.

Did you see what Alasia wore to panel?….. How about Tyra?

P.S. Andre Leon Talley is a fabulous addition to panel.



8 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 14 Episode 3”

  1. robyn says:

    I want to know what he point of having plus size models is, if they are going to photo shop them down to size 4s anyway? Bad tyra.

  2. The Waves says:

    I agree with you that this season is particularly “blah”. The girls that appeared striking at first (Gabrielle, Naduah, Ren) are gone, and apart from Raina and her brows, I don’t see all that much uniqueness and/or talent. The one good thing this season has going for it is Andre Leon Talley – he has by far the most “eye” for what makes a good photo and why.

    As for this week’s photos – blah. I agree with you that Alasia’s face is just dead in the picture, although the position of her body is very nice. Didn’t understand at all why Angelea was called second, because I thought the photo lacked emotion big time. Jessica’s photo was really stiff, I don’t know, I just didn’t like any of the photos this week. No wow-factor. The only girl I like is Raina, even though her picture wasn’t fantastic this week either. I hope they do something interesting with Brenda’s hair, because the current style is horribly old-fashioned.

  3. marta says:

    Tyra’s outfit was hideous and since she’s not wearing a weave, she doesn’t look that glamorous I think. Angelea got second pic, (wow, really). She’s improving as she’s not behaving like she used too). I won’t be surprised if she even wins. You’re right, this season is not that exciting; I guess the show is losing its touch plus the judges are too nice, at least there should be one judge that says it like it is.

  4. Eline says:

    Agreed, this is coming to be a really dull season. Only Alasia is left to entertain us, the others are just incredibly bitchy. I cannot believe the whole bitchfight that went on with that redhead! Mostly, I can’t believe Ren actually went and told her while she kept whining about how she couldn’t deal with the dramaz in the house. Ugh, I am glad she went home, she was so horribly annoying and so so so sad to look at. She didn’t have anything positive about her and had no zest for life whatsoever, blergh. She was like a teen, constantly complaining about how hard her life was! Seriously, hard? omg

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness. I came home last night (maybe slightly tipsy) and I turned on ANTM. It was the last few minutes of panel and I saw Tyra’s outfit out of the corner of my eye and I thought she was naked!

  6. deka says:

    andre leon talley is the BEST thing to happen to this show since season 1!!
    i think alexandra was the best – beautiful!! 🙂

  7. alison says:

    Tyra’s outfit was HILARIOUS! And you know she’s the boss, so it’s not like someone is telling her what to wear. I have a suspicion that she may even be having some of these things made for her. I’m glad you found a picture of it. Did you notice that she was wearing some utilitarian white bra underneath? And that on TV the legs were kind of bunchy and looked like two flacid penises? Those five minutes made sitting through the first boring 55 worthwhile!

  8. Eyeliah says:

    Doing these posts and getting to hear all your thoughts make this season soooo much more bearable! 🙂 Thanks ladies.