Mar 24 2010

I Ain’t Born Typical

Category: My Outfits,Symmetry ChallengeEyeliah @ 2:30 pm

Style Me #2
By Eline of Fluffy’s Blog

Thank you to Eline for sending me three outfits (!!) to try.  For this one she wanted more color block on the leg but with the length of this skirt it just didn’t show. For the other two, I will wear one later on in the challenge, for the third I don’t think I have the brown velvet jacket anymore to do it (well if I do have it it is sure hiding).

Vintage Embroidered Dress, Electric Blue Tights and Red Flats, Ebay. Blue Belt, Etsy.

*U.R.A Fever, The Kills*

Love Eyeliah

6 Responses to “I Ain’t Born Typical”

  1. gina says:

    Love the bold colors here!

  2. Wanderlusting says:

    Electric Blue + Red = one of my fav colour combos ever!

  3. Lyddiegal says:

    The dress has such a great hemline and color blocking is fun!
    today’s outfit:

  4. Kelly says:

    Love it. The belt is fab and colour combo gutsy!

  5. Eline says:

    Yay! You look fabulous! 😀 Too bad you might not have that velvet vest any more, it was so pretty!

  6. Lindsay Jean says:

    Oh my gosh that dress! You OWN it! So good!