Mar 11 2010

Wear Your Wounds With Pride

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 3:00 pm

Thanks everyone for your comments on yesterdays outfit, you seriously have me blushing.  For everyone I’m sure, sometimes it is so embarrassing to receive compliments.  It’s also interesting to me to see an outfit with only 4 pieces (dress, tights, collar and flats) can get so much attention, simplicity really can go a long way in being stylish.  I have to remember to convey that more, the majority of my outfits are busy like this one below.

Thrifted Ankle Length Sweater. Gold Silk Skirt, Etsy. Joes Dress (worn as blouse) and Mustard Sandals, Free from Swap. Necklaces, Gift. Maroon Tights, ?.

*Ambling Alp, Yeasayer*
Dying to go to this show, who wants to come? 😉

Love Eyeliah

10 Responses to “Wear Your Wounds With Pride”

  1. Wanderlusting says:

    See, you can pull off these “busy” looks like no one else can!

  2. jocelyne says:

    I just love this outfit, the colors and the pattern mixing look so great!!

  3. Tieka | Selective Potential says:

    Great skirt! Such a pretty print and color!

  4. girlxoxo says:

    I love seeing how you create looks with bright colors – I have way too much black in my closet so I totally love the inspiration!

  5. Lyddiegal says:

    I really like the mustard and maroon together, and the sandals are so cute.

  6. Jenny says:

    Aw, but your ‘busy’ outfits are wonderful too! I love that silk skirt so much and it looks even more elegant paired with your dress as blouse.


  7. renr says:

    Ahhhh mustard colours are such a sight for sore eyes <333 I love how it looks like you have two huge flowers springing out from your toes, and that is one amazing sweater! I love the pattern on it and its length simply floors me XDDD

  8. Eline says:

    You look fabulous either way! I love that long cardigan/vest!

  9. The Waves says:

    Great prints, and no, this isn’t too “busy” at all, it is just right! Btw, there is a blog award waiting for you here:

  10. Tracy says:

    This is cool! I like how you put all of those different things together and it works! I’m still kind of afraid of mixing different things, but I need to venture out 😀