Mar 04 2010

The Last Time We Ever Met

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 11:30 am

Usually I like to have something unexpected in my outfits.  Most nights for a few minutes I think about what I am going to wear the next day, then again for a few minutes in the morning while I wash my face and put on makeup.  Lately there have been so many other thoughts and stresses crowding my head that all my outfits lately have literally been pulled out of thin air.  At the last moment I added that bow to my head (something unexpected) but for this outfit that extra piece just didn’t materialize, so I added the fur collar.

Thrifted Polka Dot Wrap Blouse. Dynamite Trench. Vintage Fur Collar. Brown Pants, Free from Swap. Music Note Earrings, Etsy. Winners Beige Boots.

*In The Air Tonight, Phil Collins*

14 Responses to “The Last Time We Ever Met”

  1. Style Revolution says:

    I loves your trench… Hot Chick!!!

  2. The Waves says:

    Love the wrap blouse, you have the perfect figure for wrap-things! Hey, are you really listening to Phil Collins? Didn’t see that one coming! 😉

  3. Diana says:

    I love the fur collarm and that wrap blouse has such a lovely print.

  4. dearilou says:

    I just LOVE that fur collar, gosh darnit!

  5. Kyla says:

    That coat looks fantastic with that collar. I just came across some pics in a mag with this same look and I tore it out with the intention of wearing it tomorrow. Now, I’m pretty excited 🙂

  6. Eli says:

    Love the trench! I have to bust out mine now that its not too cold and before it gets too hot!!!

  7. Kate & Zena says:

    I love the entire outfit (even though I don’t like fur). The trench is gorgeous!

  8. Rachel says:

    trench + fur= unexpected awesome!

  9. jocelyne says:

    super cute, love the blouse and the coat! What a great classic coat!

  10. Lyddiegal says:

    I adore the blouse. It’s so perfect, the v-neck, ruffled sleeves, bow at the waist, and adorable print!
    I hope you are able to de-stress this weekend.

  11. Alice says:

    I love the coat, I though the fur collar is part of it until I’ve read your post! It looks great!

  12. wardrobe experience says:

    this blouse looks so beautiful!
    like the coat paired with the fur collar, too!


  13. Clare says:

    The collar looks so great with that jacket!!

  14. deka says:

    very cute polka dot blouse!