Feb 24 2010

How To Choose Outfit Photos

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Whether you take 500, 50 or 15 photos you are going to have to narrow it down to a select few or even just one to place on your blog or online community.  How do you choose which picture is the best?  When I take outfit photos I use a self timer set to take 10 photos, so I can take anywhere from 10 on a good day to 120 on a really really bad day.  After the photos are taken the first thing I do is delete all the obvious fails right off the camera.  Then I upload whats left on the computer and use the bigger view to scrutinize and then am usually left with 3 to 5 full length shots.  At this point I break the photo down into three sections; face, top half of outfit and bottom half of outfit. With me so far?

I go over my face in each photo, like in this photo below I really like that I’m smiling but the middle section of the photo isn’t the most flattering, not horrible but lets see if I have a better photo.

In this photo I think the middle looks alright, good posture and bottom half deceptively great but that scowl on my face is not going to cut it!

Half smile here is definitely not as good at the first photo but there’s a better look at my headband and the outfit looks good enough so this photo would be my choice.

For the close ups I take anywhere from 10 to 50 photos on self timer, usually only 10 to 20.  My goal here is to capture a few smaller details.  It can be a bit nerve racking for me to be that close to the camera so I often do a little shake or make funny faces beforehand to loosen up and then pretend my husband is behind the camera while it’s rolling.

When I come across a photo that makes me giggle, I choose it for an outtake shot.

I’ve been really enjoying the outtakes (I hope you are too) as sometimes blogging feels too serious like it may come across that I’m trying to look pretty and perfect all the time or even that I am vain.  Maybe that’s a topic for another day.  Obviously that is so far from the truth, at first I was too shy to even show my face or tell people in real life about the blog.  What are your thoughts on this? What is your process for taking photos? How MANY photos do you take?

Thrifted Striped Tee Shirt, cloned Santana Jeans and Jazz Shoes. Red Cardigan, from Anabela (wearing red most days for Go Canada Go!). Zipper Headband $5 (Beck will get the same one from the Wardrobe Remix Challenge).

Love Eyeliah

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  1. RockandCouture says:

    These pics of you are beautiful!

  2. Jenny says:

    Aw, I really appreciate posts like this 🙂 I never think you are vain or taking yourself too seriously, which is the fun part of reading blogs like yours! And it looks like you are having tons of fun attending so many Olympic events. I’m not a big sports person but I think it’s so much fun to support your city and cheer on your favorite teams (even if I’m usually confused as to what is even happening whenever I watch sports!)

  3. Marianne says:

    Hehe this is so true. You look good in all your shots, though! I make faces, too, before the shutter clicks 🙂

  4. Tracy says:

    Wow, we both posted something with red and stripes today!! You look awesome!!
    I have worried about being perceived as vain too–but this blogging venture is like a little trip into fantasy land for me..I used to really wish I could model, and even had major struggles with diet and weight because of it…which really sucks and it’s something I’m not proud of 🙁 (even though I was never ‘model material’ regardless of weight, as I’m too short, don’t have “perfect” teeth, yada yada) The fashion blogging venture is allowing me to ‘model’ regardless, and it’s just plain fun! My husband has hinted that I’m being a bit narcissistic with it, and I worry about that. I’ve had fairly low self esteem a lot of my life though, so it’s strange to have narcissism suggested of me.
    Anyhow, lots of shots are taken when I shoot, and only a few chosen. I was thinking maybe I should put up some of the ridiculous ones once in awhile, to lighten things up and let folks know I do see myself as a dork, lol.
    Anyhow, good post!! Thanks!

  5. Clare says:

    I love that you did a post on this!! I have an almost identical strategy to you, and take almost the exact number of shots, except for I don’t usually take detail shots. Maybe someday I’ll do a post with ONLY the rejected photo. Maayyybbee. 😉

  6. Beck says:

    I am so with you on this post – I just checked my picture folders and I’ve taken nearly 600 for this month. I’m always looking for the photo where it fits the silhouette I’m trying for, my hair isn’t doing something weird, and my face isn’t completely freaky. I feel like I’m killing my computer in the process because I forget to go back and purge things!

    This red and stripes combos is soo up my alley – I recently bought a blue & white striped dress and I’m trying to think of ways to style it.

    It must be kismet that you wore this headband today, because I just got it in the mail today, too! Its one of my favorite things in the bunch, and I hope to feature it very, very soon!

  7. Eli says:

    You really look spectacular in these photos I may say!This is actually what I’m wearing today too pretty much, w/o red sweater and pretty red lips (you pull that color off so well!)

  8. Kyla says:

    I do pretty much this same thing 🙂

    That red lipstick looks amazing on you!

  9. alison says:

    First off, fantastic lipstick! I envy gals who can rock the red lips.

    Good post. I usually take less than 20 photos, and I’m not consistently patient enough to get details. You’re right, it’s always a challenge to get a picture that satisfies vanity and shows the outfit well! I often take them on my front porch and get embarrassed if I think people are watching me as they stroll by.

  10. Franca says:

    I usually take between 5 and 10. I have to take each shot individually, because I don’t have a setting on my camera that lets me take lots at the same time I don’t think. Though I probably do and just don’t know about it! Often I have to take a few just to figure out the right exposure and white balance for the day. Yesterday I had to take just two though! It’s quite interesting that often I’ll end up choosing the very first shot. And also the way the colours look so different on the computer to the camera. I almost alway have to mess about with the contrast and saturation on photoshop to get them right.

  11. Retro Chick says:

    I do exactly the same! Take maybe 20 or 30 photos? Sometimes less. Then I mess with cropping and contrast etc till they look ok.

  12. Pratishtha says:

    I love posts like these, wherein the writer puts in her experiences and shares them with others. Thanks. I love all your pictures.

  13. Alice says:

    My boyfriend takes my photos and since it is happening in the morning when we are in a hurry to get to work, so he usually takes around 5 shots from different angles and focus. Then I would hope they turned out well…sometime they turn out so bad that I don’t post them but i always try to learn from my mistakes…

    I really like you photos Eyeliah, you lipstick looks great!!

  14. Jessica says:

    This is so funny! Whenever I decide I want to do an outfit post, I don’t have anyone nearby to take a picture. So I’m fumbling with the self timer and guessing where I should be standing – and hoping I smile or look decent in time! Too much pressure! I probably take 20-30 images and then select 3 or 4 from those.

  15. emma says:

    My self timer doesn’t have an option for how many photos to take, and since I’m lazy I generally end up with about 5 photos to pick from … I delete the obvious “no’s” right after I take them. Top 2 priorities for the pictures are face (do I have that weird under chin thing that magically appears in photos?) and outfit (can you see everything that’s going on in it?)

    It’s difficult!

  16. Kiri says:

    I tke lots and lots! But then I end up deleting quite a few cause I hate how my babyfatty face looks. (I blame my mom, she didn’t lose the baby fat in her face till she was in her late 20’s) And also I tend to feel self obsessed if I put up too many, but then of course, I already do have a blog about myself and my fashion, so I probably already seem pretty self obsessed. Haha. It’s just so hard, I love doing photoshoots.

    I love your outfit and the lipstick! I need to get me a red sweater.

  17. Sally says:

    I am lucky enough to have my husband as my photographer, and we generally take about 10 shots, including details. I have a very similar strategy in terms of facial expression and body position, but also consider lighting. Even our outdoor shots can get blown-out and weird looking sometimes!

  18. Rachel says:

    This is such a cute post…I feel lucky whenever just one turns out. I just realized I could change the settings to take multiple shots. Usually lighting is the limiting factor for me, since most of my shots are indoors…for now at least 🙂

  19. Second Skin says:

    Love your tips here and seeing your elimination process! I also wanted to let you know that I will be sending you a new disk in the mail pronto! So sorry! It is crazy, some made it as far away as Turkey in perfect condition and some just a state away were smashed to smithereens! teaches me a lesson about saving a few cents!

  20. The Waves says:

    I don’t take more than maybe 5 outfit pictures and 5 detail shots, and I narrow them down pretty much the same way as you do: facial expression, body language, how the clothes look etc. I love your outfit today, your makeup looks gorgeous!

  21. C&G says:

    I’m sorry if you already answered this – for some reason I can see that there are 20 Comments on this post but I cannot seem to see them! What LIPSTICK are you wearing girl? LOVE the color on you! It is GORGEOUS! Is it a matte? I’m a big Nars and Mac fan….do tell…

    PS: Were you at the winning game for Canada today????

  22. Lyddiegal says:

    Number of photos definitely depends on how much time i have. I could easily spend an hour, but some days I fire off six shots, flip off the camera and rush off to work, not even checking to see if I got a decent shot.

    I feel like I often default to the same poses, and when I have to try new ones I do, and often, end up choosing the standards anyway. Though it is nice to just have a fun photo once in a while!

  23. Bianca says:

    Wow, no wonder your pics always look so good. I usually take about 5-6 full body shots, then a few accessory shots, if I am wearing something worth getting a close up of. Maybe I should take more pics!!

  24. SWF_Terra says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. Your lips are so killer. I’m a sucker for red, black and white.

  25. Charlie says:

    Nice post – some good tips about close ups, I find it a bit hard to relax too.
    I don’t often take many photos, I’m aiming to take more photos but I don’t have a remote (my camera isn’t compatible) and I can basically only take one photo on self timer at a time, so really it’s a bit of an effort going back and forth haha!

    I’m aiming to get a new camera so I can get a remote though I have a feeling when I can just stand and snap I will be taking a ton though…

  26. whosjaja says:

    hi eye! loved the post.once this outfit set-ups take some time, i’ve decided to automatise the thing to the most easy and fast way possible for me. i have the tripod ready, a spotlight in case it’s dark or winter.the best of my purchases for that was for sure the remote control, so i can take lots of pics in some seconds, now i want to limit myself to aprox. 20 pics, usually i choose by face, for w_r i have to check also if feet aren’t cut off, and my only problem is that i’m too indecisive by choosing, and once it would take me more time to decide than to mount all them in a frame, i’ve decided to have one single for wr and the multiples frame with undecided options, i try to include some detailing, different accessories or diferent views in them but when i change accessories it takes longer of course, but it’s fun when i have the time. btw even with the remote and light spot my pics are often blurry…too dark though, sniff

  27. skinny buddha says:

    great advice! I go pretty much through the same process, except I sometimes have someone taking my pictures. editing is so important, so I really appreciate this post.


  28. Thom says:

    Whoa, complete site redesign (sorry for noticing so late…if it has been a long time.) Looks great.