Feb 23 2010

Olympic Fever

Category: Life,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 4:45 pm

I’ve been so so busy with the Olympics, my husbands best friends parents took us to see the Canadian Womens Hockey team Vs Finland yesterday!!! We were 6th row right at the blue line and it was epic, we won 5 to 0.

I dressed in my red and white.

I didn’t really like the look of the lace and heels yesterday so I actually changed into black opaque tights and my red ballet flats for work.

And then for the game (since it’s always chilly in the stadium) I changed into my red sneakers and new clone jeans.

The Warm Up

The Fans

The Win

Tonight I’ve got to rush off to see Norway Vs. Slovakia. Go Canada Go (vs Germany!)

Thrifted White Ribbed Knit Sweater, Red Polka Dots and Stripes Skirt and Velvet Bow Heels. Red Ballet Flats, Ebay. Red Cardigan, Gift from Anabela. AA Black Tights. Aldo Lace Bow Tights. The Bay Hat.

Love Eyeliah

10 Responses to “Olympic Fever”

  1. RockandCouture says:

    So cool. You looked adorable 🙂

  2. Lyddiegal says:

    I love the black tights with the red shoes~
    Those topless fans are so crazy, isn’t it freezing in the stadium??

  3. Kristen says:

    I like it with the black tights and scarf, it just makes it a little more contemporary and anchors the look a little better. Love that you have so much Olympic spirit and adventures happening!

  4. joelle van dyne says:

    i am so jealous you’re getting to see the olympics in person! that is so cool. and your outfit is cute- suitable for a sporting event but still very fashion-y. i love the red shoes with the skirt.

  5. renr says:

    I do like the second outfit better, red black and white are an excellent combo, and I think that the black leggings give more attention to your skirt details 🙂

  6. Casey says:

    Yay for hockey! Lucky you being able to go to a game. 😉 lol. I’ve been watching a lot of the hockey games during the day while I’m working. Just wish I could be there! 😉 (Hockey is one of the few sports I like. lol)

    Love your outfit!! 🙂

  7. The Waves says:

    Oh my poor country(wo)men, they got beat real good there! 🙂 Finland has been doing awfully badly at these olympics, only one silver so far! 🙁 I am glad you are enjoying the games, it must be so exciting! Love the outfit, of course!

  8. dearilou says:

    Sounds and looks like an amazing time!

  9. wardrobe experience says:

    …. and i love both versions of this red olympia outfit, too.
    the white lace tights looks faboulos paired with this patterned skirt.

  10. gina says:

    So cute! What a perfect outfit for cheering on a Canadian team!