Feb 21 2010

Where I Belong I’m Right Where I Belong

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 10:30 am

I just switched to Mac, it’s a pretty machine but oh so confusing!! Β  The list of things I can’t figure out (many of which due to the lack of right click) is getting longer and longer. Β When there is a red lined spelling mistake how to fix it, how to drag my image in posts to resize, can only resize windows in the bottom right corner again a drag issue, why in flickr when I scroll over small pictures in a set it doesn’t give me the title of the photo, how to get icons on the bookmark toolbar….. I am really hoping I can make it work as I want to be a competent Apple user. Β Anyone else make the switch?

Shay suggested this sweater with a mini skirt, thanks for the advice! πŸ™‚

Thrifted Ankle Length Sweater and Leopard Print Skirt. Suzy Shier Black Shirt. Winners Suede Boots. Necklaces, various.

*Fixing A Hole, The Beatles*

Love Eyeliah

22 Responses to “Where I Belong I’m Right Where I Belong”

  1. Eline says:

    Congrats on your Mac :D. I find them so much more pleasant to work with than Windows!

    You probably got an iMac, right? You can set the right click on in your System Preferences menu (click on the apple) and then Keyboard/Mouse. I’ve NO idea what else you’re talking about though, sorry!

    I LOVE that sweater, reminds me of a peacock πŸ˜€

  2. Pansy says:

    That long sweater is dramatic and awesome!

    Don’t worry, it’ll only take you a week or so to get used to a mac, and then when you’re on a PC it’ll feel primitive and strange! I remember when I first switched I spent a few days thinking I had made a huge mistake, haha, but it’s so not true.

  3. Megan says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mac. Once you have it all figured out, you will too! The right click solution is an easy one. Pu both your middle and forefinger (or any other two fingers) on the mouse pad and then click the clicky bar (I don’t know the technical terms, hah). This will bring up the right click toolbar (copy, paste, etc). Also, if you drag two fingers down the mousepad, it will scroll down the page you are using. Also, do you know about hot corners? Drag your mouse into the four corners of your screen and see what happens! Typically, things are the most basic on a mac. Like, the most obvious way to do things is actually how they are done on a mac (as opposed to a PC). There is lots of dragging and dropping involved. I’m certainly not an expert, but hope this helped some! Good luck with it!

  4. Wicked Halo says:

    I had my first try at a mac in my new job (still a pc at home), so I’m working in both and it wasn’t a easy transition, mostly because I’ve been using a pc for more than a decade now, and there’s lots of useless and strange things I’ve picked along the way, that I still haven’t figured in mac… (that and the shortcuts, which are slightly different and I use photoshop a lots so it screws my head a little to use both systems simultaneously πŸ™‚

  5. RockandCouture says:

    Congrats! You can right click on a mac… I was so disappointed when I thought I could not right click. Its under your settings. Once you start using mac you will love it! I love your outfit too!!!

  6. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Your sweater is amazing! I love finding thrifted treasures. The pattern on it is great

  7. Kyla says:

    Oh, I love that sweater!

  8. lisa says:

    you can also control-click to get the right-click menu – this includes spelling correction.

    it looks like there are some apple stores in vancouver – if convenient, you can make an appointment with the Genius Bar from the Apple web site (locate the store you want to visit, then from the store’s web page you can book the appointment) and a “genius” can show you all kinds of things you’ll want to know.

  9. Casey says:

    I like the play on proportions with this outfit! πŸ™‚ The super long sweater looks so cozy too…

    Although my primary computer is a PC, I used Mac’s at school all the time, and found the whole switch over (no right click!!! *panic*) sometimes frustrating. It always took me about 10 minutes longer (at least it seemed like it). haha! However, my sister successfully switched over a couple years ago to a Mac, and swears by it. We plan on replacing our PC’s (when they go kaput–which hopefully will not be soon!!!) with Mac’s eventually. I really like the more intuitive interface, plus the fact the Mac’s aren’t as vulnerable to viruses is appealing too…

    Have fun with your new tech toy!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Leproust says:

    Yaaaay! You are totally going to love your Mac! πŸ™‚ I don’t know how I ever lived without mine! I always had a PC until my Mac crazed husband talked me into one. Once you get used to the difference in format, you will LOVE it!

  11. eunice says:

    that is one amaazing coat!!

  12. Rebecca says:

    I sympathise as a fellow PC addict. Whenever I use a Mac I literally panic! But it will get better (as friends reassure me) – it’s just a matter of getting used to it, then you will love it πŸ™‚

  13. Ebony says:

    Woo hoo for making the switch πŸ™‚ I did last October and have never looked back. It takes a little while to get used to. If you get super stuck I may be able to help you, or you can call applecare. They’re actually super helpful!
    Gorgeous textures in this outfit. xx

  14. Lyddiegal says:

    Is your new mac a laptop or a desktop? If it’s a laptop the right click is a two finger tap, as someone mentioned, but there are a ton of other finger gestures you can use on the trackpad, like two fingers to scroll, or rotate an image, three finger swipe to move forward and backward through browser windows… and tap to click, a feature you turn on in system preferences, is awesome. Also, you can use any mouse you want with your computer (mine, when I do use it, has five buttons)

    For the flickr issue, are you using safari or firefox? I’m using firefox and the photo names pop up just like they should. I’m not sure about the bookmark icons, and i suppose your just going to have to get used to the single corner window resize.

    but feel free to ask me anything – i’ve been a mac user all my life.

    and oh yeah – Love your necklace!!

  15. Clare says:

    Couple of things:

    I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! The miniskirt with the long cardigan is so fantastic. Absolutely lovely.

    Also, I’m a Mac convert too. I switched over a few years ago and had a similar experience. In terms of the right-click, usually holding the “ctrl” key while clicking is the same as the PC right-click. In no way am I a Mac pro, but if you have any questions I’d be happy to help out!

  16. dearilou says:

    You look like a 1960’s gypsy queen.

  17. Alice says:

    I have never used Mac but I am sure you will figure it out soon! Love your sweater! It is great with the mini skirt. I also love the same colour scheme with different patterns!

  18. Missa says:

    Wonderful skirt choice, I like the proportions. Yikes, sounds frustrating, good luck with the new Mac!

  19. eva says:

    hello, I love your style.
    Visitame whenever you want. kiss

  20. Kristin says:

    LOVE the sweater coat/mini pairing. You look fabulous!

  21. jocelyne says:

    Loving the outfit, that coat is just rad!! I bet you are loving your mac, my Bf is a programmer for Apple so we have lots of silly apple stuff everywhere! They really are worth it!!

  22. Jessica says:

    I work on a Mac at work and a PC at home – it’s so hard to keep going back and forth! But I do think the Mac is far superior.