Feb 18 2010

Divine Dresser ~ M.Bibelot on Flickr

Category: Inspiration,Real Girl SpotlightsEyeliah @ 4:45 pm

I have been an admirer of M.Bibelot for a couple of years now, in fact she was one of the first stylish ladies I noted in flickr’s Wardrobe Remix group. I still remember the first photo I saw of her and saved, this one. Lately she has really been killing it with ladylike style check out her photostream here.

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14 Responses to “Divine Dresser ~ M.Bibelot on Flickr”

  1. madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra says:

    She is one of my faves also. Her style is very consistent, even as she ventures more into the vintage look.

  2. dearilou says:

    Oh, I just love her. She is always chic and just too cute!

  3. Shay says:

    she’s the cutest. Adore her.

  4. Amelia says:

    Her style is so cute! I’m totally jealous of her wardrobe.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Such cute outfits! Loving your blog 🙂

  6. 39th & Broadway says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I never heard of her. She is adorable and the outfits are fantastic but I think the poses and the location are the best!

  7. Carla says:

    Wow, I love her style – so cute! Thanks for sharing.

  8. emma says:

    oh my godddd how cute is she. Cute outfits, cute hair, CUTE BATHROOM EVEN?? I want to be you, M. Bibelot….

  9. Missa says:

    She’s such a cutie and always SO well put together! I’ve been loving her vintage hairstyles lately too 🙂

  10. Lucy Jacks says:

    The whole of this picture set is well put together. The outfits are super cute and the bathroom setting keeps the overall style.

  11. kater says:

    My comment got eaten.

    Anyway, yes! I love when she does things like ties a tie in a bow. Fantastic! And that bathroom, wtf, how come the restrooms I end up in are never that cool! It’s like the perfect background, and only consequently is it a restroom.

    Love this feature btw 🙂

  12. Tracy says:

    those outfits are just adorable!

  13. Eyeliah says:

    so many fellow wardrobe remixers commenting on Mimi here, love it!