Feb 10 2010

You’ve Got Me for Your Prey…

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 11:30 am

When I saw a pair of plaid pants at the thrift store I had a major 1990s high school flashback.  It was one of those trends that I really wore all out.  My plaid pants were similar to a Burberry plaid, way too tight and not the most flattering.  This straight leg cut in dark red, black with white mix is much more forgiving.  I told myself if they fit then they are coming home with me. They fit.

What trend from your younger days do you still want to wear?


Thrifted Crochet Blouse, Lace Back Blazer, Oversized Pearl Earrings and Plaid Pants $3. Winners Suede Boots. Finally repaired my pearl necklace.

*Spiderwebs, No Doubt*

Love Eyeliah

16 Responses to “You’ve Got Me for Your Prey…”

  1. Jocelyne says:

    I am still a huge fan of faded used levis, I wore them to death in High school and still love them. The only problem is my boyfriend hates them and tells me that are unflattering, which I know is true. So I don’t wear them much. I just cut one pair into short for summer so I’m sure those will get lots more wear. I like to wear them with a really frilly shirt and heels/ankle boots for the contrast of the grungy and girly. I had some plaid pants just like those when I was really young, someones grandma made them for me, I loved them. I think I was the only gal in preschool with crazy plaid pants, yes this fashion thing has been a lifetime thing. 🙂

  2. Diana says:

    Those are awesome! When I was in high school, I had a pair of purple, black and silver plaid trousers from Target. They were so freaking awesome. I wish I’d held onto them.

  3. Kristina Karenina says:

    You should wear pants more often, seriously show off the curves!

    I’ve always loved plaid, guess its the gothic punk in me that I can’t seem to outgrow lol. I still have all of my plaid ‘schoolgirl’ minis…seriously more than fifty or so hiding in my closet, reminding me of my TATU obsession and skinny chicken legs.

    But yeah keep on rockin’ the plaid!

  4. The Waves says:

    Love the plaid! I still insist on wearing Doc Martens at times.

  5. joelle van dyne says:

    i love those pants! the print is great, and they’re very flattering.
    i can’t think of many things from way back when that i miss wearing… to be honest i don’t think my style changes very much!

  6. Lyddiegal says:

    The back of that jacket is awesome.
    In high school I wore two tops that purely to showcase my Buffy the Vampire Slayer love. One, a navy waffle knit with a drawing of a bunny walking a dog and it said ‘bunny’s dog walking service’ This was the same exact top that Willow wore in one episode. I pretty much wore it every tuesday.

    The other was a black t-shirt with a piece of velcro across the front and a bag of letters, so you could pretty much write whatever you wanted on it. You know what I wrote? The name of the Buffy episode that was going to be on that week. Yup.

    But sometimes I think about pulling them out of their plastic storage box in the back of the closet.

  7. Beck says:

    Love those plaid pants! They look great with the white top.

    Where I grew up we didn’t really get news about a lot of trends, being in the country it was a lot of farmers kids and sports players and the like so everyone primarily wore jeans and a t and “dressed up” by wearing khakis or a skirt, etc.
    I thought I was “cool” for wearing my mom’s old clothes from the 70s and thinking how great it was to be wearing vintage duds, including a pair of her Levis that I killed.
    The styles I actually did notice that I’d still wear now are things that either I couldnt go out and buy the clothes or my mother wouldnt let me wear them. One I really liked is pretty much what Gwen Stefani personified, with the crop tops and parachute pants, etc, but Im not sure I could pull it off (at least for work). I do try to pull in some punk influences though, which is why I’ll definitely be hanging onto my own plaid pants and 20 eye Docs for a while 🙂

  8. Jessica says:

    Oh man – those are too good! I’d like to bring back the slap bracelets. Remember those? But only the ones with metal that could cut you if slapped incorrectly – it brings a sense of excitement when accessorizing.

  9. dearilou says:

    Ha ha! My friend had a pair like those, except they had cords on them.. what were they called? Bondage pants? Her mother positively cringed every time she wore them (which was only a couple of times.) They were just a little too wild for our melbatoast high school.

  10. Bug says:

    This outfit is really chic! I love the detail on the back of the blazer. Is the top peeking out from underneath. Those pants are super cute too!

  11. Amie says:

    I’m really digging the plaid and lace combo!

    I was actually thinking not that long ago that I want to get a pair of full length denim overalls. They were such a big thing when I was in about grade 6 and my mum wouldn’t buy me a pair. Now that I’m older and can buy and wear whatever I want they don’t seem to be around. It’s probably a good thing since I’m sure they would look positively horrible on me haha.

  12. Caboguy says:

    – I remember those plaid pants quite well- you wore them alot and I’m glad that fashion has brought them out of your closet – my favorite apparel is shorts,shorts, shorts!!

  13. Jill says:

    Those pants look great, perfect with the lace top and tux like jacket. You have it nailed!

    He he….I am old enough to know plaid never ‘really’ goes out of style! It is a classic dating back to the original Highland Scot’s ‘Plaid’ that could be belted into a kilt during daytime and used as a blanket at night.
    Plaid hits the runway every few years and suddenly it is ‘in’ again but for a lover of Scotland like me it is always on top of the heap!
    I have plaid skirts, tableclothes,bedding and even had plaid drapes at one time! My guy wears plaid shirts all the time, in fact on our first date we both showed up in green plaid.

  14. Jill says:

    Lest it sound like I live in the house of ‘mad plaid’ I assure you it is not everywhere!
    Ps I didn’t mention my collection of antique plaid tins though did I? Or the plaid patchwork quilt? Fortunately I have a big house than can take a hit here and there without overwhelming.

  15. Clare says:

    Oh gosh, junior high/high school all the way. I was totally into the plaid pants thing, and had a pair almost just like those. These totally take me back!

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