Feb 07 2010

How To Get Me To Comment On Your Blog

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Note: I have been dealing with some major computer issues!  So the posting is a bit slower and I’m not commenting on your blogs as much, sorry about that. Things should be back to normal soon.

It’s always interesting to me how much commenting goes down on this blog when I am unable to comment on others.  I have mentioned it before but it is so true how much blogging is a community.  No one should expect to gets lots of comments if they aren’t out there making an effort.  I do really enjoy reading and commenting on all your blogs, that is truly the best part of blogging so that is fine for me.  I will admit something to you now, there are many sites I look at but if they’ve never sent me some sort of acknowledgment I start to limit the amount of comments I leave on theirs, if any.  And by acknowledgment I don’t mean replying to me in the comments of their post, I never go back and read those (who does?).  Now I am not saying “if I read your blog you should read mine” and vice-versa.  It’s not that hard to send a thank you email to a new reader, every once and a while reply to their comment or reciprocate the occasion comment (only if we mean it of course, never be fake).  Even the busiest heavy weight bloggers take the time to do this, so if I’ve stopped by a blog a half dozen times and never heard a peep back what that says to me is they don’t care if I comment or not (which is totally their prerogative seriously). I am just so busy and with 500+ blogs in my google reader it seems fruitless to spend so much extra time commenting into a black hole.  Please don’t take this as anything negative, I am just pleased as punch with this site and everything that is happening and all you readers are fabulous, whether you comment or not!  These are just some thoughts that have been rattling around in my head.

Even with comments being a bit slower on Style Symmetry, readership is growing higher that ever!!  When I first started this site I have a pie-in-the-sky goal of how many people I wanted reading it daily, and now I am 50% above that.  It is so crazy to think of all the people stopping by to see what I am wearing.  Thank you all so so much for being a part of the journey with me and I look forward to everything the future has in store.

How much time do you spend commenting on blogs?

Thrifted Pink Sweater Vest, Embroidered White Blouse, J Crew Jeans. Silver Feather Earrings, Gift from GratitudeLady. Vintage Fur Collar and Kick Ass Boots.

Reminder: you have one more night to get in your entries for the Wardrobe Remix Inspired Challenge and I will be picking a winner tomorrow.

Love Eyeliah

46 Responses to “How To Get Me To Comment On Your Blog”

  1. kater says:

    Commenting is weird. I’m really, really bad at it. I think it’s partly because I do so much of my reading on the go, borrowing internet from the apple store or on a teeny little phone. But I’m also just lazy at it. I keep saying I’m going to get better, and I have improved a bit, but, you know! It’s like, when I do get time to sit down and do blog stuff, commenting isn’t as high up on my list of priorities as it should be.


  2. Ally says:

    How odd. I had no idea that people commented on blogs because they wanted some kind of recognition, I thought they commented because they had something interesting to say, or something they wanted the blog author to read.

    When I comment on blogs – especially ‘heavy weight’ blogs – I don’t expect a reply. A reply is nice, sure, but I wouldn’t stop commenting because I felt unacknowledged.

  3. Mo @ Mo-logue says:

    I can’t even pretend to be a stellar commenter – it’s only about as good as my blogging practices, which are sporadic at best!

    I agree with you, though – blogging is definitely a community. Commenting is part of what makes it so different from just writing in a notebook you keep under your bed, or something like that. Sometimes it’s fun to see what sort of conversations crop-up in the comments!

  4. gina says:

    Overall, I like so many things and find so many outfits inspiring that I could comment a lot more than I do, but I just don’t have time to comment as much as I’d like.

    I try to drop comments fairly regularly onto blogs I really enjoy, so that the blogger knows that someone appreciates her outfits and photos. I’m with you though on receiving some sort of acknowledgement. If I comment several times on a blog and never receive a comment back or a thank you for visiting or whatever, I usually stop commenting on that blog (but I still follow it).

    I also get uncomfortable with bloggers who are total quid pro quo commenters, meaning every time I comment on their blog, they return the comment within 24 hours or less, and they never comment on my blog unless I comment on theirs first. I feel like by commenting on their blog, I’m creating some obligation for them to come comment on mine Right Now. While I enjoy reading the blogs, I don’t want returning my comments to be work for them, so I usually skip commenting on those blogs too.

  5. Eyeliah says:

    Kater: see and I didn’t even really know you read my blog. 🙂

    Ally: Very good point and something I did not cover. I suppose it is different for everyone, for me things have changed over the past couple of years and now reading so many blogs that is why I need to limit my commenting. It is simply a matter of time management! But you are right, when the topic is interesting and I feel I have a thought to share I can’t hold back from leaving it!

    Mo: I spend alot of time reading comments too.

    Gina: Yes, the return 24 hour comment, I have noticed a couple commenters that do that here…… I debated about writing about that in this post as I’m not 100% sure how I feel about them. I also stopped commenting as often as I used to on their blogs as their comments read kind of forced, I’d rather have no comment from them. Personally if I decide I am going to be continuously commenting on a blog, I’ll add them to my google reader and comment that way, not reciprocally.

  6. Robby says:

    I’m still so new to blogging, but I have loved all of your advice. (seriously, keep it coming.) It seems silly, but I never even thought to comment on the blogs I read until I started my own. Now I love it. I feel like I’m part of something. What I never expected was commenting on a blog, and having that person come to my blog to post a ‘thanks for the comment’ comment. I guess they are just being polite, but I find them strange…. Perhaps that’s just me.

  7. madam0wl says:

    I made a little vow to myself to comment more on blogs I read this month. So far I’ve done good but have only hit up blogs I haven’t left a comment at before. I guess I’m sort of doing it as a way to keep up a “community spirit” but also because I know I appreciate comments, so of course I’m sure everybody else does, especially new/quiet bloggers ya know? Sometimes I do run into the perspective I’ve seen shared on w_r a couple times, that why should you comment if there are already like 20 comments left before you that all say the same thing? I rarely go back and check to see if someone has replied to a comment I left. There really isn’t an easy way to do that unless you subscribe to the comment’s RSS feed which just gets kind of messy. But I did go check on one I left and the person had replied that I was the first non-family member to comment and she really appreciated it. Yay! Anyway I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’m commented on your blog on the topic of “commenting” so I respect that you bring it up in an open way. What do you think of the commenting controversy highlighted recently with What I Wore, etc.? Are “no comments” better than “bad comments”?

  8. Kendra says:

    I also read alot of blogs, so I only comment on them when something in the post really strikes me. Whether it was a really inspiring outfit, a personal story in the post, or if the blogger intentionally engages the readership in a unique way (not just, what do you think of my outfit, or how was your weekend>) like comparing items/products, asking for feedback on a specific topic, etc….

    Anyway, I honestly don’t really care if the bloggers acknowledge my comment, and certainly don’t expect that they feel compelled to come comment on my blog just for the heck of it. I comment because I feel like I have something to add at the moment, thats all. And often when I don’t comment it’s because a dozen other people have already said “I love this outfit.”…. seems silly to make myself number 13 unless I have something unique to add.

    SO thats my POV… since you asked. 🙂

  9. The Waves says:

    I agree that this whole blogging world is a community, and just like in real life communities, it is nice that individuals recognise each other. I tend to leave comments when I have an inner feeling to do so, and there are times when I feel that I should be more active. I really appreciate all the comments I get, and often struggle with not knowing how to reply to them. (Like you said, I don’t think anyone goes back to see if I’ve replied in my own comment box, so the nicest way I can think of thanking someone would be to leave a comment in their respective comment box, if they have one.) For me, the crux of the matter is the word “community”. Belonging to a community requires a certain level of communication, courtesy and good manners, and swapping (genuine) comments is at the heart of that. 🙂

  10. aya says:

    Boy, do I know computer problems 🙁 Mine finally crashed on me last week, and the rough part is I’m looking at least another two weeks before I get it back :'(

    You look so lovely, love!

  11. Eyeliah says:

    Madam0wl: I am just glad you read, commenting is secondary. thanks Sandra! It’s hard for me to have a ‘from experience’ opinion on that WiW controversy since I get 99% positive comments on here. But I say if you are open to comments you need to be open to any and all comments, and since she wasn’t so she closed them again so that is fine too.

    Thanks Kendra! 🙂 Yes, I hate to say I love that outfit (I actually tried to ban myself from commenting the word ‘love’) but I must admit I do still just comment I like an outfit to add encouragement and of course b/c I like it!

    The Waves: you said it better than I did. 🙂

  12. Bianca says:

    Let’s see, how do I comment.

    Well, when people write on my blog, I respond to every note on that same post the next time I log-in. I don’t know if people come back and look, but I do it.

    As for other blogs, I have a TON of stuff in my blog reader, so I have to narrow it down. I comment on blogs most often when its a blog that is not commented on very much. I know that is weird, but I do like to build up positivity and encourage bloggers who might be new or do not have much of a following yet.

    My next top priority are my blog “friends” or the girls who are really very inspiring to me. This is pretty easy to do because I tend to see something they are wearing that I want to comment about. Although often, I am not sure if just adding another “Wow, I love it” is interesting to all bloggers – so there is a fine line there. I think this might be where commenting drops off on blogs – if people don’t feel like they have anything fresh to say, they just feel like repeating themselves is dorky LOL. I do try and comment at least weekly on any blog that is in my blogroll.

    Other blogs where I mostly lurk, I will only comment if there is a specific question that I know the answer to or something pretty drastically out of the ordinary. Often, these are the huge, public blogs where a comment would not matter much anyway.

    I know how much I love having comments, so I do try and comment on others’ blogs as much as possible, though its impossible for me to do as much as I’d like! 🙂

    Oh and by the way – even without the interesting question, I would have commented today, LOL I LOOOVE the denim jeans on you – they look fantastic.

  13. Marianne says:

    My biggest difficulty with replying to comments on my blog is my computer crashes when I try to open up the pages in new tabs… grrr super annoying! I like commenting though, but I would hate anyone to feel obliged to comment back to me just because I did on their blog.

    Love the blue hair, and that fur!

  14. alison says:

    Good topic. I comment pretty spontaneously, often if the blogger asks a question or has a really unique post. I don’t expect a comment or email in return. I feel like an email is pretty personal contact and I’d only email a blogger with a really specific question or if they initiated email contact. If someone new comments on my blog, I usually check theirs out of curiousity, and often leave a comment thanking them for visiting my blog. I get so few comments, it’s kind of nice to see someone take the time.

    I don’t usually comment on posts that already have, like, over 50 comments unless I’m really moved. How many ‘cute outfit’ comments does someone want to read? Basically I try to comment sincerely and expect nothing in return, but acknowledgement is nice!

  15. Beck says:

    When it comes to commenting I’m in a mindset I’ve realized I need to push myself out of – feeling like the “new girl”, aka who is this chic and where did she come from? I started blogging at the end of last summer and there are so many I’ve started reading since then, too (some that have been around for some time) and I get a little intimidated because a lot of them mostly have comments from “regulars” as far as I’ve noticed and it almost makes me feel like I’m interrupting a conversation.
    Though I have noticed, the times I’ve managed to get over myself and add a comment or some input on a discussion that hey! people are nice and they dont tell me to go chew rocks!
    I also dont really like being the twenty eleventh person to say “I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES” but there’s usually something else in the post that merits some sort of note to make the comment a little more worth while.

  16. Leproust says:

    This is a great post! This is something that I have struggled with a bit! I have always tried to respond to every comment, however as my readership has grown, it has become harder to do. My absolute favorite thing to do is visit all of the blogs in my blogroll everday, as they are my favorite, but responding to every comment sometimes does not allow me the time I would like to leisurely browse and comment on blogs the way I used to. But, on the flip side, I have found some of my most favorite blogs by responding to a comment the author left me. I have tried to find a happy medium-I still try to reply to every comment, but if I miss the comments on a post or two here or there, it is not the end of the world.

  17. Eli says:

    I try to be very genuine, and dont fish for compliments, but will comment on a blog when they leave one on mine. The whole thing is very weird.

  18. lisa says:

    At the end of the week, I visit the blogs of people who’ve left comments on that week’s blog posts and leave a comment. As you say, blogging is a community thing–if people have taken the effort to reach out to me, I want to extend the same courtesy. 🙂

  19. Lyddiegal says:

    I try to read and comment as much as I can, and if I find a blog that strikes my interest I will automatically follow it otherwise I’ll never remember to come back to it again. Sometimes I will stay up all night just trying to catch up on my blog list.

    I like comment reciprocation, but I don’t feel it’s mandatory (you can’t immediately get back to everyone all the time!) – if someone new comments on my blog and I look at theirs and don’t have anything to say, I’ll just add them to my list and comment when I want to.

    I do have a slight tendency to favor bloggers who don’t already have a gazillion commenters – maybe I’m completely wrong, but I always feel like leaving a comment on a post that has none will be a much more appreciated action than leaving a comment on a post that has 80.

    Since comments are the only way I know people are looking at my blog, I love and appreciate everyone I get, and therefore go out and read and comment on as many blogs as I can, so others know someone is out there viewing and enjoying.

  20. Angel Cutsforth says:

    I try to comment back to people who comment me. Always on their blogs!

    I find it hard to comment on outfit posts though.

    How do you say “I like that” without saying the same thing again and again.

    Sometimes I find something to comment about but again it is a community and I’m more likely to comment on someone’s outfit if they’ve taken the time to comment on any of my posts.

    I always look at new followers blogs, and then decide if I like it enough to follow too. It’s just common courtesy because they’ve taken the time to comment on/look at mine.


  21. Ashley says:

    Woah you follow 500+ blogs? I bow down to you! That takes commitment! I have a hard enough time following 10 or more, hehe! But I always love stopping by your blog, love your style and how you put outfits together.

  22. Jocelyne says:

    I’ve been trying to get better at commenting myself. On some of the bigger blogs I don’t bother because I feel like it will just get lost in a sea of “i love you, your the best” comments. I DO try to comment on people’s blogs who comment on mine because It’s fun to see who the readers are and of corse, make new friends/contacts. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to show up and I try to tell them so! 🙂

  23. Diana says:

    I’m really weary about commenting. If it’s a comment from a new reader, and it seems sincere, I will gladly visit their blog and make an effort to comment and if I like the blog, I’ll subscribe in some way (twitter, rss, etc). However! If i find a blog comment to be insincere and more like a “COME VISIT ME!!” type comment, I won’t feel as compelled to visit.
    I get behind on comments but I do try to get to them. I also don’t comment on every single blog i read, sometimes i admire from afar. I just don’t like to waste people’s time with a non-genuine comment with a “COOL” and having no idea what the blog post is about 😛
    I do agree commenting is almost the life force of a blog but sometimes it gets out of hand and kills it for the rest of us 🙁

  24. Franca says:

    I think it’s an interesting topic. I do feel the same way about it as you, comments are important for building a community. I try to comment as much as I can, but time is limited, and I’d rather spend the time that I do have making my posts better. There are lots of blogs (like yours!) which I read pretty much every day, but don’t comment on very often.

    If I get a comment from somebody new, I always follow the link to their blog, and bookmark it if I like it, but it has never occured to me to send them a thank you email. I always find those quite odd when I get them, and possibly not the best use of the bloggers time. Unless its the answer to a specific question. Its a bit too quid pro quo for me, I comment because I want to say hello or I have something to say, I don’t expect a thank you!

  25. Retro Chick says:

    Well, there’s a post guaranteed to bring commenters out of the woodwork!

    I seem to go through phases. I’ll comment on loads, and then not have time to keep up with my reader for ages and end up with a massive backlog!

    I sometimes reply to peoples comments on the blog, as I think it’s helpful to have people see them, and it seems weird to reply on the blog AND email. It’s all very confusing! I don’t want to be rude to people. Arrgggh1 😀

    You look lovely by the way 😉

  26. Eline says:

    I only comment when I feel I have something to say, to be frank. And sometimes, because I often read blog posts at night when tired, I forget to. I also don’t mind people not returning comments and people who I feel only comment because I have just commented make me feel uncomfortable and just like gine I may withhold from commenting on their blogs just because of that.

    Interesting comment thread here! I always wondered how people felt about this :D.

    Also, I want to touch your fluffy collar, as creepy as that may sound!

  27. Clare says:

    I actually have lots of thoughts on this whole commenting thing, but it’s 7:30 and Joe’s making coffee, so I have to be quick. I absolutely agree that this is a community, and two-way communication is crucial to making it work. For the most part, I only comment on blogs where I feel that it’s a reciprocal relationship, that mine won’t just be a notification email in their inbox that gets deleted right away and never followed up on. HOwever, I know that when I’m busy, and stressed, my own commenting goes WAY down (like the past few weeks). But really, I think it all boils down to community.

  28. Sara says:

    I love the texture of your top against the texture of the fur collar – such a wonderful contrast!

    Interesting points on commenting – I had never really considered rules (which I guess means I have none). You’ve given me something to think about.

  29. Casey says:

    Interesting post… I’m still sorting out the whole commenting thing, despite having been blogging in some form or another since ’04. I know my biggest problem is the amount of time I have to respond to comments and the emails that my site/YouTube/online life generates. I get overwhelmed! I do try to make it a good practice to say hello to new readers though; I know I always like being made to feel welcome at a new spot on the ‘net, and I try to practice the old rule of “doing unto others…”. 😉 Plus, I think it makes the blogging world a bit more accessible and friendly for those that are new to it!

    Anyway, just my jumbled $0.02. 😉

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  30. marta says:

    Comments are important but if you are getting a lot of visitors that’s important too (maybe more), but yeah, some bloggers if you don’t comment on theirs they won’t even bother to leave one which I think is wrong because if you like a topic or what the person is wearing it is nice to acknowledge it. It’s like when you feel the desire to give a gift to a friend but then later on she gives you another gift just because you gave her a gift, that’s wrong, don’t return me the gift, that offends me, but that’s just me.

  31. Elly says:

    I tend to only comment when there’s a question being asked that I feel I have something specific to say about…when I feel like I can add to the discussion and not merely reiterate everyone else’s point of view. (Okay, and I comment for giveaway entries.)

    Also, I agree with Beck, I need to push myself out of the “I’m new to this blogging thing, no one knows me yet, and so I shouldn’t comment” mindset. I’m starting to see the sense of community that people are getting from their blogging experiences, and commenting thoughtfully seems to be my best way to eventually (hopefully!) become part of that community… 🙂

  32. Diana says:

    Seeing everyone with all these gorgeous furs is starting to convince me that I must have one!

    I feel the same way about comments as you. There are some blogs that I read, but never comment on anymore, simply because there is never, ever any reciprocation. It really does mean a lot to get a simple e-mail, or even a “thank you for commenting on my blog” comment. But like you said, everyone has their own priorities, and everyone blogs for different reasons. For me, the community aspect that comes from blogging is one of the most important factors. But it might not be that way to everyone.

  33. dearilou says:

    I spent, probably hours reading blogs and commenting on posts and I completely agree, I only comment on blogs that consistently comment back on mine. I don’t think this is a greedy or narcissistic act. Much of the time I still look at the blogs I get no recognition from, I just don’t want to take the time to comment if I don’t think I’m being appreciated. And if someone has commented on my blog, I make it a point to go and check theirs out and comment on at least one post. If they comment on mine again, I usually ad them to my blog roll as a thank you for coming back. Then I keep going back to theirs. If we get right down to it, the blogging community is about networking as much as it is sharing ideas and inspiration.

  34. Rachel says:

    All I am going to say: WOW. 500? You are amazing! And congrats on all your growth and success. Blogging is an interesting endeavor…

  35. Kristin says:

    I think reciprocity in the blog world is very important. I try to get to every person that comments on our blog. It may take me a few days, but I try. If they were kind enough to stop by and leave some thoughts on our blog, I certainly want to make it to theirs!

  36. Audi says:

    I read a lot of blogs every day but only comment on a handful of them with anything like regularity, and that’s really just a function of having limited time. Sometimes it even takes me awhile to figure out that a regular commenter has a blog of thier own. The ones I tend to comment on, though, are the ones (such as yours!) that foster the feeling of reaching out to the audience and engaging them; I don’t bother with ones where I’ll just be joining a chorus of “you look awesome!” comments.

    I certainly don’t have the time to respond to each and every comment left on my blog (I WISH blogging was my full time job, but it isn’t!), but certainly if someone has a question or sparks up further discussion I’ll get back to them, because it’s the dialog that makes blogging so much more fun than one-way mediums like magazines.

  37. Jenny says:

    Oh dear, I missed this post due to being crazy busy. How do you keep up with 500+ blogs?? That’s amazing, and it’s interesting to read everyone’s thoughts on commenting, etc.

  38. jesse.anne.o says:

    I think I follow 150 and not all of them post all the time. 500 is a lot!

    I mean to comment more than I do; sometimes I’m reading posts from the subway on my iphone and the interface isn’t working right or there’s no signal because we’re underground (if I can get the reader list to load, I can still read from the train). Or I’m reading during a break at work and then go back to work before commenting. I try to star the posts I’d like to go back to to comment on but it’s not always successful.

    Re context – I usually just post when I have something to say but (and to your point) if I know the person a little bit better than a complete stranger, it’s possible I’d have more to say!

  39. Teeny says:

    Eyeliah! I am always flattered when you post a comment to me. So thanks! I pop in from time to time on your verrrrry interestin blog, and I particularly love this post. Cos, damn, it is the truth! I think comments are a lovely succinct way of conversation with the blogger and blogging community. Otherwise, it’s kind of just spying isn’t it.
    Anyway, love your blue-hair.

  40. sarah von says:

    This is all super interesting. I’ve never heard people’s thoughts on this side of commenting before. Like a lot of the above ladies, I never commented before I started my own blog and now I only really comment if:

    a)they commented on my blog and are a new reader (and I’m really on top of my game that day)

    b) the post ends with a question I’d like to answer or if I feel that my comment would add something to the larger conversation. I rarely feel inclined to add my voice to the many cheering “Yay! Cute outfit!”

  41. Kionon says:

    I only comment when I feel like commenting. I don’t comment to increase my own readership, and I am very, very picky when it comes to what blogs I will continually read. I don’t do link trades/blogrolling unless I am actually reading the blog and commenting on it. Someone should never need to ask me to comment or to get added to the blogroll if I genuinely participate in their blog. I will just do it. And I don’t expect others to feel obligated to reciprocating a comment just because I commented on their blogs.

    If there is one thing that drives me batty and assures I won’t be visiting your blog? The infamous one sentence comment followed by an added http://myblog.myblogplatform.com. I can click your name if I want to visit your blog. And it just looks completely transparent, especially on the high volume blogs. Take a look at The Sartorialist or Tavi’s blog, and I swear, half the comments are pretty much just blatant self promotion.

    See. I had a lot to say. So I commented. You’ll never get a one line response from me. I’ve never been… shall we say… succinct?

    Unless I am on a deadline and I’m writing the police blotter. >_>

  42. Sally says:

    I feel similarly for the most part – that, if I stop by many, many times and never hear a peep back, no real connection has been made. And commenting is about connection, not dumping your thoughts into a black hole. I end up lurking at some of the blogs where I never hear back, but more often, I just move on.

    Still, I’ll admit that I can really suck about reciprocating every comment, even from new readers. Like you, Eyeliah, I have more blogs on my radar than I can actually handle. So I guess I shouldn’t get TOO put out when some bloggers never reciprocate. I can certainly understand why and how that happens.

    Kionon brings up a good point and a pet peeve of mine, too. Why throw in that extra link? It screams “self-promotion” and does nothing for your bloggy karma.

  43. Jessica says:

    You make a good point here — I definitely try to reciprocate commenting for those who comment on my blog. I know that I appreciate every comment I get, so why not return the favor?

  44. Yukino says:

    I’m a notoriously bad commenter. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now (a year at least, I think), but I I’ve only left about five comments, if not less.

    Sometimes I don’t comment even when I want to because I don’t get to read my GReader every day, and do it once a week or so. So the post I wanted to comment on is old-ish, in our hyper speedy AADD 140-character days. Sometimes I don’t comment because it just feels that I’d be rephrasing what you initially said in your post, e.g. won’t be adding anything new — and isn’t the purpose of commenting is to say something when you’ve actually got something -additional- to say?

    Maybe I’m overthinking it a little bit, haha.

  45. Wicked Halo says:

    It’s a strange dynamic which I only started realizing existed once I started my own blog, but as much as I’d like to be more active commment wise I usually get a bit behind on it, sometimes is hard just keeping the blog thing going and keeping track of what’s going on without drowning in a sea of information overlad.
    I tend to only comment when I feel there’s something worth saying, I’m pretty sparse in real life with my words and that kind of stretches into the comment realm 🙂

  46. Essie Lee says:

    That is true. You reap what you sow. If people don’t find anything worth commenting, they won’t speak up. That’s just how it is. And as much it’s a kind of give and take process. Cute photos by the way. Loved the accessory. Thanks for posting!