Feb 02 2010

Printed Tee Shirt Collection

Category: My ClosetEyeliah @ 11:00 am

In my early twenties prior to blogging I had a real thing for printed tee shirts, particularly do-it-yourselfs (diy’s) off ebay. I wore them all the time but somehow as I’ve got older the urge has steadily faded. I decided to rekindle my passions and wear a few while in Calgary for my mini vacation last month and it was a nice step back in time.
Here’s a peek at some of my favorites.

Angel Baby Glittery Babe Tee (lol), New York Dolls DIY Tee, Skull DIY Tee (all Ebay).
Planet Terror tee (not so old, USA), Weird Strawberry Tee (Winners), Misfits DIY Tee (Ebay).

Thrifted Bob Marley Crop Tee (will wear all summer on the beach!), James Dean DIY (Ebay).
Elvis DIY Halter and Slash DIY from Concert Tee, both Ebay. My feets 😉

Bliss Tee (Winners), New York Burlesque Festival Tee (Ebay).
Low Back Scrapbook Tee and Dark Tink Fairy Tee (my own DIY neckline), both Ebay.

I forgot to include them all so perhaps a Part II will be in order. Clothing-wise I also collect crinolines (in Calgary storage), western gear (Stampede City is my hometown), vintage scarves, gloves and brooches.

What clothing do you collect?

4 Responses to “Printed Tee Shirt Collection”

  1. The Waves says:

    Oh, got to love the Slash tee! 🙂 I don’t consciously collect any clothing, but I seem to have developed a rather extensive collection of oxfords, or brogues, whateveryoucallthem. Can’t seem to get enough of them!

  2. Eli says:

    Its funny because I have like absolutely no printed tees. Maybe three tops

  3. Retro Chick says:

    I have a few printed tees, I only wear them occasionally now though!

    I used to make them for myself when I was a teenager.

  4. Yukino says:

    I collect tees as well! It’s silly, because I really only wear black ones lately, but yeah. One day I’ll come back to them.