Feb 01 2010

What Color Next Poll

Category: ProjectsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

I can’t believe it took me so long to try my hair curly at this length, this is what I got up to when I was home alone Friday night.  I also organized my purses and filing cabinet.  With my fine hair curls usually fall out within an hour but with some tough hairspray it may last a half a day so will try this look again soon for real.

Trying to decide what to do next with my hair, and I trust your opinions so….. please vote in the poll and I will do as you suggest, unless the winning votes are a write in ballot for a green buzz cut!

11 Responses to “What Color Next Poll”

  1. dearilou says:

    I picked ‘red all over’ but I meant it in the natural hair color red rather than fire truck red. I think you could totally pull off a deep natural red with your lovely skin.

  2. Emily B says:

    Love the curls! I can’t keep a curl in my fine hair, either – I ended up getting a perm last year with really big curls, loved it because I could go straight or curly when I felt like it!
    I voted purple, just ’cause I’m a big purple fan!

  3. joelle van dyne says:

    the curls are so cute on you! but i know what you mean about fine hair and curls falling out- my hair has natural curls that are really crazy, but when i try to tame them with a curling iron, it just flattens right out. but yours look great here- hope they stayed in awhile! and i voted for more blue in the poll- it looks so nice on you. if you want a change, maybe you could do lighter and darker blue shades, or white and dark blue?

  4. The Waves says:

    The curls look really nice on you! I voted red all over, and meant it just like dearilou above – not crazy neon carrot! I think you’d look fantastic as a red-head, you have the style to pull it off. My second pick would be “switch to purple”, and I think the only one I’d avoid is pink, unless you are feeling some serious rave vibes… knowing you though, it might end up looking fantastic… oh sheesh, I don’t know what I am saying anymore! 😉

  5. Kristen says:

    My hair used to never hold a curl for more than an hour at best, but then i found these hot roller rods (they look like a rubber stick with a loop on the end) anyways, they work awesome. Now I can actually curl my hair and it will mostly make it to the end of the day (with a little hairspray too, of course).

    With your awesome complexion, I voted to keep it dark, maybe even a little darker!

  6. Lyddiegal says:

    The curls look adorable! I have the opposite problem, I’ll straighten my hair and by the end of the day some wave has worked it’s way back in.

  7. Jenny says:

    Yay curls! I love them on you. I can’t get curls to stay in my hair for even 10 minutes…

  8. Shay says:

    I like you in curls!

  9. renr says:

    I’ve had a sudden obsession with red hair recently so I picked red XDD
    Bias-ness aside though, I think you’d look good with any colour you choose, what with your fair skin and all. I’m even curious to see how pink would look like! Or it doesn’t matter in the end because sooner or later you’re going to try them all right? XDDD

    Anyway, I love those curls! I never knew that they can stay up that way with those home curling kits!

  10. geri says:

    i love the blue!

  11. Audi says:

    How fun! I used to let my coworkers vote on my next hair color, but these days I tend not to change it as drastically as I used to. I love the curls — your hair looks beautiful.