Jan 24 2010

Winter Coziness & Dreams of Summer

Category: InspirationEyeliah @ 8:15 pm

The latest additions to my inspiration folder. All pictures are clickable for source.

Winter Coziness

Hel Looks & Candi Mandi

Dreams of Summer

The Sartorialist & Mr. Newton

Winter Coziness


Dreams of Summer

Archibald Maximilion & Knight Cat

Winter Coziness

Waking Life & Stockholm Street Style

Dreams of Summer

Style Spot

4 Responses to “Winter Coziness & Dreams of Summer”

  1. dearilou says:

    Your dreams of summer make me shiver.
    I’ll dream of spring though, where there are still layers of clothing, just lighter in so many ways.

  2. Lyddiegal says:

    Oh how I wish for summer. Especially if i were wearing that sarong.
    Though I must admit, I love the furry looks too (the hat, the turquoise boots!) I’ll just take them minus the cold.

  3. Varpu says:

    Nice pics, I like the first one especially (not because I’m Finnish too)! And oh my I’d love to have those green shoes that the fur-hatted girl is wearing!!

  4. Charlie says:

    Some of these pictures almost make me long for winter again..