Jan 22 2010

I Know You’ll Get To Like It If You Give It A Chance Now

Category: My Outfits,Symmetry ChallengeEyeliah @ 10:44 am

Been really feeling the leopard print challenge this week, surprise noone around me has commented, “hey – you are wearing leopard print again.” Proof again as to why I need to keep a style blog if I want anyone to give a hoot what I am wearing. I got these sheer footless tights on ebay, not they are much different from other tights but its my segway into what I want to talk about next…… I haven’t shopped on ebay in months! In fact, I don’t even remember my password anymore. It’s all because of a little site called Etsy. I remember when I first logged into Etsy I found it very confusing and overpriced but now I know how to search for deals and the ability to purchase immediately is much easier than the last minute bidding panic of ebay.

Do you still shop on ebay?

Leopard Print 5 Days of Symmetry Challenge
Day 3

Vintage Leopard Jacket, Thrifted. Bitten Dress, Gift. Footless Tights and Necklace Chain, Ebay. Winners Black Faux Suede Boots.

*The Loco-motion, Kylie Minogue*

Love Eyeliah

12 Responses to “I Know You’ll Get To Like It If You Give It A Chance Now”

  1. Eli says:

    I still do but it always always leaves me so frantic and nervous, I’m watching a bid thats going to end soon and I think Im going to have a heart attack!

  2. joelle van dyne says:

    this outfit is great! i love the combo of the demure floral dress with the more daring leopard jacket.

    and as for ebay, i still like to browse there, but end up buying much more on etsy.

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    I don’t really shop on ebay anymore but I’ve also cut back on Etsy purchases – I kept finding that the fit was off when I shopped online for clothing. I will buy shoes online if I know the brand well (like Steve Madden)or if I’m willing to take a chance.

  4. Carla says:

    I love it when people mix and match patterns and colors! I’m too chicken to do that myself though. I’m usually in black (with the only other color – blue denim)

  5. hanako66 says:

    i love how you added the leopard here…it works so well!

  6. Caboguy says:

    – nice change to pix on the click-link to the eyeline – I almost missed it!

  7. Lyddiegal says:

    I know exactly how it is with people not noticing just how darn good you look on any given day. If I ever get a compliment from one of my coworkers my jaw drops to the floor.

    I still get a bit overwhelmed by etsy, and with eBay, I might ignore it for 10 months, then suddenly bid on five auctions at once. I do hate the stress of eBay though, the heart palipatations during those last seconds…

  8. dearilou says:

    I’ve never shopped on ebay. It never appealed to me. It’s like gambling or playing video games: stressful. I don’t buy vintage clothing online. I almost bought a Blythe doll on ebay once, but the boy was afraid of it, so I passed.

  9. Nicole says:

    Love that leopard jacket. Never shopped at Ebay, just because I don’t trust it. Idk who to trust.

  10. The Waves says:

    Love the leopard with the retro florals! I have never bought anything on eBay. I sometimes browse through what they have, but have never bid on anything. I find it too confusing somehow. I am definitely an Etsy girl. 🙂

  11. Hannele says:

    I love the idea of mixing floral and leopard, I would try an daintier all-over floral though. I’ve been contemplating wearing my floral tights with leopard pumps…

  12. Urooba says:

    OH HEY, this outfit is gorg!
    And coinky-dink, today I signed up for Etsy—and found my future prom dress!