Jan 20 2010

The Dreaded Sewing Pile

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Items in Need of Repairs

If you may have been wondering why I haven’t worn these items lately, it is because they are in need of repairs.  A challenge that comes with being a lover of second hand and vintage is the inevitable coming apart of seams, rips in zippers and the loss of buttons.  Second from the left you will see the prairie dress I wore last week, I fixed the rip the night before so that just leaves me just 12 items to go!  Coincidence that there are 12 days left in January?  I will have this pile mended by the end of the month, trust.

Top Row
Pink Sheer Blouse – only worn once armpit seam
Blue Striped Blouse, been years! – buttons to be replaced
Striped Cardigan – the neck seams keep coming apart, will have to be retired soon
Black Capris – button repairs
Grey Gloves – my first pair of vintage embroidered gloves need a seam repaired
White Slip – the strap came off

Bottom Row
H&M Wrap Dress – interior button to connect wrap
Prairie Dress – rip in ruffles MENDED (yay!)
Orange Slip Dress – armpit seam ripped
Brown Floral – only worn once multiple seams coming apart
Yellow A Line Dream – waist seams
Pink and Beige Floral Sheath – ripped zipper seam last time I wore it
White Floral Skirt never worn – received from a clothing swap in need of zipper repair

All mini pictures are clickable for posts. 🙂

What’s waiting in your repair pile?

11 Responses to “The Dreaded Sewing Pile”

  1. tigerteacher says:

    I LOVE with that green H&M dress and can’t wait to see how you style it this time!
    I also have a sizable repair/modify pile. I’m starting sewing lessons this month at my local adult school and can’t wait. I’m an avid thrifter and seem to find a constant stream of adorable skirts that are great finds but somehow just a few inches too long to be cute – they will be the first things I tackle…once I figure out how to get the thread into the machine! 🙂

  2. C&G says:

    Waiting: several vintage jackets I found for my husband to wear when he teaches. His first two classes are TODAY and I am still not done mending them nor having them dry-cleaned as promised! Some wife I am! Also, black turtleneck jammed at the back of the closet at the end of last winter, recently fell out so I luckily remembered it. Needs a 5 minute repair. Still undone.

    I try and take a needle, thread and scissors down in front of a TV show I do not need to focus on all that much. I love to multi task and sometimes it is the only way I can ever get these projects done. Try piling them where you can see them near the TV – watch Project Runway and mend at the same time!

  3. jesse.anne.o says:

    Ugh, what isn’t in my repair pile?

    – boys’ plaid snap shirt (cuff seam is coming apart)
    – black bottom ruffle skirt needs to be taken in on the sides
    – 6 pair of pants to be taken in on the sides (I lost weight and it never came back so…I am finally committing to having my tailor resize my clothes)

    …and I know there are a few other things in that bag.

  4. dearilou says:

    I have so many things waiting. Like my favorite trousers which need some mending in the crotch. Most items are more in need of altering than fixing. They are too long mostly. And I am too lazy.

  5. The Waves says:

    I have way too many buttons to sew on winter coats. There are plenty of other sewing projects too, but for once, not mending ones! 🙂

  6. Violet Folklore says:

    Well it sure is beautiful to look at honey! I keep pretty on top of my repair pile, and I think it’s actually empty right now 🙂

  7. Bug says:

    Hee, hee – I have the same type of pile sitting in my apartment too. It keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here’s to mending our beloved clothes!!

  8. Kate & Zena says:

    I, ironically, have nothing to repair. Woo hoo! I’m a master of mending and altering my clothes. When you’re 5’2.5,” barely 100 lbs. and have a 33″ inseam, you become an expert hemmer and alterer. I need to practice doing seams so I can alter my too-big button down. It needs two seams in the front and two in the back to make it fit. I’ve just never put in seams before! I do have trouble with zippers though. Zippers are a big pan in the you-know-what.

    My Brother’s sewing machine is my lifeline for clothes. Everything is a teeny bit too big in the waist and/or too long in the legs with me!

    Neck seams are really easy to repair. You can also alter the shape of the neck if there’s no hope for the seam. That’s really easy to do too.

    Hopefully your repair list will be completed by the last day of the month which, ironically, is my birthday. Good luck!

  9. jentine says:

    Oh boy… the mending pile. I actually organized all my mending/alterations pile by hanging them up with little tags to label what has to be done. That’s Step 1. Step 2 is doing it…

  10. Lyddiegal says:

    Things in my repair pile tend to stay there until about 10 minutes before leaving the house on a day when I need to wear them.

    Pants that need to be hemmed often get safety pinned for months before I finally decide to commit to a length (whether I always want to wear them with heels or always with flats is a big decision.)

    I applaud your diligence to get through your pile!

  11. Jessica says:

    I’m pretty good at mending clothes right away. But there is one item that I haven’t dealt with in a year: a pair of flannel pj pants from Old Navy. I was sitting at my desk and I’m not sure how I twisted and turned, but the seam along the inner thigh and crotch just tore open. Quality.