Jan 13 2010

Baby Loves to Dance in the Dark

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 2:00 pm

When I realized how much these vintage beaded earrings matched my teal butterfly sweater it was an instant match up. I’ve had the earrings a while, it took me a while to be brave enough to wear them for two reasons; they are quite a standout and oh so delicate.

Flash adds so much splash

Natural light limits the sight

Don’t worry, as the days get lighter my need for flash lessens.

Earrings, joyceshafer on Etsy. Cream & Black Silk Dress, True Value Vintage (new not vintage). Teal Sweater and Red Ballet Flats, Ebay.

*Dance in The Dark, Lady Gaga*
It still blows me away that she ripped us off with a 15 minute performance back in 2008, but her release of the Paparazzi video is when I got over it. Then I got tickets to see her with Kanye West and of course that was canceled lol. I probably should have bought tickets to Monster Ball (video linked right above) but after that 15 minute debacle I still couldn’t bring myself to buy tickets for just her again. Mind you, that was before the Bad Romance video dropped.

Have you been let you down by an artist before?
More importantly, did you get over it?

Love Eyeliah

28 Responses to “Baby Loves to Dance in the Dark”

  1. elle s'ennuie says:

    Fab outfit, I love those colours together! Very fresh and looking-forward-to-spring-like 🙂

  2. Missa says:

    Oh my gosh, the earrings and sweater were meant for eachother, so perfect!!!

  3. Charlie says:

    Love the colour! Sometimes bad experiences can leave such a bad taste that you can’t forget.

  4. WendyB says:

    I’m going to see Gaga this month!

    There are definitely some artists who disappoint but nothing that’s devastated me too badly.

  5. Kelly says:

    They are perfect together yet not matchy-matchy in an icky way! Love that colour combo!

  6. Marianne says:

    Lovely dress! And I will send a picture for your party 🙂

  7. Diana says:

    Those earrings and that sweater are perfect together! I’ll try to send a party picture in the next few days.

  8. lilith owl says:

    Perfect shade of lipstick for that outfit, too

  9. Lyddiegal says:

    normally i dislike using flash, but for these ambient lighting conditions/fabrics I think the flash really works to showcase the outfit. Love the dress, so cute and summery! I miss summer.

  10. Clare says:

    I love the fun pattern on that cardigan. I’ll be ever-so happy when it’s light enough everyday to use natural light instead of my flash. 🙂

  11. dearilou says:

    I love that sweater and those earrings are just great!
    As for the being let down by an artist thing: I was let down by Rooney’s second album. For one, it took so long for it to come out. Years and years it seemed. So when I finally heard it… Blasting Rooney while driving around in my friend’s beat up old truck was a big part of high school for me. Maybe that is just where Rooney was supposed to stay.

  12. Kate & Zena says:

    Hmmmmm, I’ve never really been disappointed by an artist in terms of concerts as I avoid them like the bubonic plague; they’re crowded and noisy to normal people, but magnify it by 3 and you have the Autistic perception (i.e. me). I have been disappointed by a musical artist’s music though, especially if there’s a lot of hype about it. I might love one of their CDs, but hate the rest (as is the case for Katie Melua. Love Piece by Piece, hate her freshman album). Alternatively, I might love their freshman CD, but hate their sophomore CD. I’m so picky about my music.

  13. Bianca says:

    This is beautiful…. The color combo is so great on you! Looks super pretty against the sky too!

  14. Amie says:

    I absolutely adore your sweater! The colours and pattern are just perfect and it really does look fantastic on you too. And the way the wind has caught your dress in that first photo just kills me. Now I am definitely wearing something soft and floaty tomorrow!

    As for being let down by an artist, I would always get miffed when I bought an album the day it came out only to then see it re-released with bonus material. Although I guess it’s not such a big deal these days with iTunes and the like.

  15. Eline says:

    I’ve been let down by Prince when I discovered that he had turned a Jehova’s Witness! XD

    I looove this outfit! Great colours!

  16. Alice says:

    You are all S/S 2010 trendy 🙂 I love the cardi with the earrings. Perfect match!

  17. Glendy says:

    OMG I love the teal sweater it looks so beautiful 🙂 The color combination looks great as well. By the way is ts me or Lady Gaga’s dance in the dark intro sounds like Depeche Mode’s strange love O.O I think it’s a great song no matter what.

    much love,

  18. Suzanna says:

    You look drop-dead gorgeous here. And here we go again: What lipstick is that?

  19. Angel says:

    The dress is the perfect canvas for those earrings!!!

  20. Corie says:

    Those earrings are beautiful!

  21. Eyeliah says:

    Gosh, you girls are making me blush with your sweet comments.
    Glad not many of you have been let down by artists.
    Suzanna, Annabella lipliner in rustic and Avon Glazewear G250 Raisin Glaze.
    🙂 E

  22. Carla says:

    That’s a beautiful lip color on you!

  23. Michi says:

    This is a comment way after the fact: LOVE THE OUTFIT!! Looks so comfy…comfy and warm… (it’s been single digits in the past couple weeks in the Northeast. Finally warming up significantly today).

    Haven’t been disappointed by any musical artists yet, but that’s because I stick to smaller pub venues. I shy away from those mega-rock concerts unless it’s Pearl Jam or (if some godly being would grant my wish) David Bowie who starts touring again.

  24. Michi says:

    I was being sarcastic about the “warm” part — I think I’m jealous you can wear such fabulous outfits!! (Especially the spring-turned-fall/winter dresses) 😉 I’m too much of a wuss to the cold to wear skirts without leggings/heavy tights. Keep these lovely outfits coming!!

  25. Jessica says:

    Oh goodness. I may be a little smitten with Lady Gaga, but showing up for a 15 minute performance is three songs. What’s the point? Obnoxious.

    Oh a lighter note, the spring colors are so pretty on you! And the dress looks like a lovely find!

  26. Audi says:

    Oh wow, that teal color is simply magical with your complexion! Gorgeous!

  27. Michele says:

    Love the earrings and sweater combo. You really look great in pastels.

  28. coco says:

    This look is amazing, I think one of my favorite! Great find on the dress!