Dec 14 2009

Buriti Naat Cream Review

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I was contacted to do a giveaway for nuNaats new hair cremes line, at the time I was already in the middle of a Naat giveaway so I requested a product to review instead. From their five variations I choose the Buriti for its moisturizing and also it’s natural SPF ingredients.

With short hair I only condition my hair once a week and for the past two months I have been using only the NaatCream. These are the results of my in depth analysis. 😉

-The cream is pink so that makes it fun.
-The scent is a subtle floral, much better then an overpowering smell.
-It adds shine and softness to my limp hair.
-Using a small amount can create a light conditioning option as well.

-The packaging is not user friendly enough. This tub has no grip and the threads on the lid are tough to screw on with wet hands. I made a big mess when it slipped out of my hands spilling all over my bathtub! Also not a fan of having to scoop out the product with my fingers.

The pros definitely outweigh the one con of packaging. It reminds me of when St.Ives Apricot Scrub was in that tub, the new squeeze bottle is much better.  

Bottom line?
I will purchase this NaatCreme again in the future.

All five varieties:
nuNAAT Cream Pitanga for Thin Hair
nuNAAT Cream Buriti for Dyed and Discolored Hair
nuNAAT Cream Aloe Vera for Curly/Wavy Hair
nuNAAT Cream Brazil Nut for Dry Hair with Split Ends
nuNAAT Cream Cupuacu for Extra Dry Hair

When I run out of Buriti I want to try Brazil Nut!

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