Nov 24 2009

Lord Almighty, I Feel My Temperature Rising

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This blog is a majority of pictures with I suddenly realize a lot of writing to accompany them. Since I started this blog (two years ago next week) I have actually learned how to type without looking at my fingers – no more hunt and peck for this gal. This means I type much faster and if I am stuck on caps locks I notice immediately instead of two full sentences later. It has also helped me immensely at my day job and on The Eyeline. I’ve never considered myself a writer which really doesn’t make much sense, I’ve been very diligent at keeping a journal most of my life and writing poetry, stories and song lyrics since I was a child. I’ve been looking at some personal blogs lately and am in awe at the high level of writing ability that is being offered, and at no charge!! In a way it makes me feel inadequate as I know I do not write enough in each post or that my writing needs to be more professional. But then I remember I am myself and I want to be accepted for who I am. In real life I often stumble over my words and put my foot in my mouth so why should this blog be any different? I improve more and more the longer this site continues, not just at writing, but photography, interview skills, outfit styling etc. With anything you devote so much time to of course we will improve, like my typing.

What skills have you been improving?

Monochromatic Red

Red Cashmere Cardigan, Gift from Anabela. Dress, Etsy. Belt, Ebay. American Apparel Tights. Thrifted Red Boots.

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*Burning Love, Elvis Presley*

9 Responses to “Lord Almighty, I Feel My Temperature Rising”

  1. wardrobe experience says:

    oh, you look so stunning wearing red! I love this outfit so much!

    what skills have I improved during beeing a bloggerette?!
    working with photoshop… to lighten darkish pictures…in winterime ; )


  2. The Clothes Horse says:

    Love the whole red look.
    I think my pictures improve…but I already did know composition, I just wasn’t comfortable posing outside in the beginning! My typing gets a bit better too…even though my sisters think I still can’t type!

  3. Bug says:

    Wow, what an amazing outfit, red from top to bottom, lovely!! Congrats on your two year and learning how to type. I’m trying to improve my photography skills at the moment.

  4. Shay says:

    yep, writing is like anything else. Practice makes perfect. Love this monochromatic look!

  5. Nadine says:

    I never thougt that monochrome can look so good.

  6. The Waves says:

    Wow, this is a brave look. Not too many people can pull of monochrome, especially in red!

    Good stuff with typing & writing skills! I was just thinking yesterday that I need to refresh my thinking and conversational skills. I used to be really good at arguing a point, but I have become intellectually lazy. I don’t read or write as much as I used to, and it is starting to show. In the meantime I have improved in improvisation and not caring too much what others think. I guess they are skills too, right? 🙂

  7. hauteworld says:

    Love this all-red outfit on you! The cardigan looks so cosy! I started blind-typing as a teenager and it’s definitely one of the most useful skills. It just saves so much time, even at work. People are amazed how quickly I send off emails or get the more mundane tasks done, and it’s because I don’t have to search for every key. I think generally it’s more my photographic skills and photo-editing that has improved. I’ve always written a lot, but never really bothered with pictures before my blog. Practice definitely makes perfect! Keep up the good work… wow, 2 years… what a milestone!

  8. jentine says:

    You totally pop against the grey skies, cool pic.
    I still hunt and peck, just a lot faster… and I’m ok on the computer now where as before I hated they computer. Thanks blogging.

  9. Urooba says: