Nov 19 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 12

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So this is it!! The moment we have all been waiting for, The Finale.

I have to say I was looking forward to the format change of having only the top two in the final show as I mentioned last week, cutting down from the top three in one hour always felt a bit squished. It was great to have all this extra time for our final two gals. They spent the first twenty minutes making it look like Laura is the front runner with her ‘better personality’, ‘walk’ and equally as nice photos. I use quotations as at that point last night my opinion is Nicole is a shoe in for the winner, I’ve felt that way since the first episode as I’m certain many others did too. The girls do their Seventeen magazine shoot and then the Cover Girl commercial and print ad.

From the commercial.
Laura overcame her dyslexia in a big way really impressing the judges, but some of her words were not enunciated well enough. Nicole came off a bit snobby to Jay and Tyra said Nicole forgot she was a model in between her lines but still quite liked her take.

Competing print ads.
Laura looks amazing, so fresh and approachable yet the pose may be a bit too simple.

Nicole is beyond gorgeous with that fire in her eyes (and hair) though a little stiff in the corners of the mouth.

Where can I get my hands on this sparkle in a can?

They brought back eliminated contestants Erin, Jennifer, Sundai and Brittany to take part in the final runway show.

Judges waiting for the Fire, Wind and Water show to begin.

Laura really nailed the catwalk, she looked like she has years of runway experience. When she tore that scarf off her face I got goosebumps! Anyone else?

Nicole doing her signature walk, gosh it was pretty awful but at 5’7″ and under these girls probably won’t be doing much catwalk.

The wet look.

Can you guess who won? Click below to find out and leave your thoughts!

It was Nicole! Congratulations to Nicole Fox.

But gosh, Laura cried so much and was so sad, my heart broke a little for her.  She is an amazingly sweet and genuine person (or was edited to be), she will go far in life.

Nicole’s instant photo shoot with Tyra. Until next season…… thoughts?


7 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 12”

  1. marta says:

    I knew Nicole was going to be the winner. She was the best of all.

  2. The Clothes Horse says:

    I’m sooo glad Nicole one; I think this is the first time my favorite of the final two actually won and I totally thought they were going to choose Laura b/c they kept going on and on about her dyslexia. Also, I had the same thought as you: I want to be a gilded/glitter girl…maybe New Years? I just need to invent a party to go to!

  3. Kristen says:

    I definitly had picked Nicole as the winner for a while too, but after that runway walk, I all of a sudden had doubts (but you are right, they probably won’t be doing much runway anyways). I did feel a little sad for the heartbroken Laura too, she was pretty great and does seem like a really sweet girl, so hopefully she uses this experience to her advantage and keeps going. (I also want a can of that glitter!) The “petite” angle this season was great, it opened up the competition and brought in some fresh talent and people with a lot of ‘dreams coming true” attitudes (which i like on my relaity tv). I kinda hope they do it again next season, not necessarily short again, but maybe another “traditional automatic no” category.

  4. Michi says:

    Okay, I admit, I haven’t seen the finale episode yet, so I cheated and read your post! Both were beautiful women with great personalities and I’m glad they were the final two. Nicole is indeed more high fashion. Too bad there can’t be two winners!

  5. rain says:

    I haven’t watch this cycle yet… We are way behing on the Dutch televison.
    I like the photo of Nicole with the red hair!


  6. The Waves says:

    Nicole was my favourite to win as well, although I was worried about her being too edgy and not commercial enough for Seventeen and CoverGirl. I’m glad they picked the one that had the most modeling potential for once! (Allison should have won last year..!) I thought Nicole’s runway walk was horrendous. Laura was so so sweet and took great photos, but in person she just didn’t look like a model.

  7. deka says:

    i was very surprised with the result!
    i liked both girls but thought laura had it
    her runway was better