Nov 12 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 11

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We start this weeks episode with some hula hip hop, yes it is as odd as it sounds. The girls have to learn and then preform the choreographed dance and also include a personalized solo in the middle of the routine. The winner of the challenge gets to come back to Maui for 5 days and stay at the Four Seasons with another contestant of her choice. We learn that Erin was a cheerleader so she helps the girls learn the moves, Laura is seriously good at shaking her hips and Nicole is horrendous at dancing again (remember with Benny Ninja when she starred him down). The photo below is just hilarious, Miss J is doing an impression of how badly Nicole danced, she looks mortified but still capable to handle it, Erin is loving the mockery and the teacher is uncomfortable. Laura wins the challenge and chooses to bring Jennifer back to Maui. Erin is upset as she thinks she should have been picked for helping, but why would any of the girls want to go on vacation with her?

Right before the photoshoot Jay tells the girls that TWO of them will be going home at elimination!! This has never been done before, but I can see it being a good thing as the final episode always feels so squished with three girls left. Now the girls are freaking out and have to get the best possible picture or they are going home. They are to be styled as Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and have to time their poses with the waves crashing behind them.

Jennifer was first up, does she ever close her mouth? It was open the whole time and it’s only a good look for mens magazines. Her body looks forced and awkward – good luck making it to the final (sorry but it’s true).

Nicole looks stunning and vulnerable but does anyone else think they could have chosen a better picture? I saved some (blurry) screencaps below to show some of the amazing poses she was giving or you can click here to watch her segment.

Jay was not impressed with Laura and she was in tears about her shoot, but then at panel the judges loved it and kept comparing her to Rachel Hunter. The shot is good though the eyes are a bit vacant.

Erin looks amazing, though she does this head to the side pose so often. But is it too late for her to save herself and get into the top two?

Click to see who was sent home and leave your thoughts.

Nicole was called first of course. Then I was yelling Laura at the screen and it happened, she made it into the top two!! Erin and Jennifer were sent home. When they went through their body of work it confirmed; Jennifers mouth is open in every shot and Erin is constantly to the side and moody looking. Nicole and Laura have so much more to offer in terms of diversity and Nicole was my favorite from the beginning, Laura after a couple weeks so I am over the moon with their choices.



3 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 11”

  1. Idstyle says:

    I have placed my bets on Laura and Nicole making into the final two for at least a few weeks now, but I think I was dissapointed overall with all four selected photos.
    Laura’s eyes look a little crazy and not in an interesting way. Jen mouth-open thing doesn’t work for me. Nicole’s is okay, but I think you are right, there must have been better shots, she was working a lot of great poses in the shoot. And Erin’s just seems a little blah… there has been some greta shots this season, but unfortunately not this episode. Hopefully we will see some amazing stuff in the finale!

  2. Michi says:

    The final two are both wonderful! I agree, I can’t stand Jennifer’s mouth being open all the time, and Erin does tend to look the sulky teenager in film. The shots the judges have picked have been getting worse and worse. At least most of the girls this season have been more amiable to each other than previous seasons!

  3. The Waves says:

    Well, I am glad that two of my favourite girls are in the final two – but I have to say that I was not impressed with their photos this week. Laura looks like a manic deer in the headlights, and you are so right, Nicole must have had way better shots. Erin’s photo was nice, but I think her personality was the reason why she was left out, rightfully so. Nicole to win!