Nov 12 2009

All Your Lovers Revenge

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Housekeeping Links for Today

1. So many people are talking about Bad Romance this week, yes I watched it a dozen times and yes it is awesome.  If you haven’t seen it yet crawl out from under that rock and click here.

2. The Paisley Dress won the poll so I bought it.

3. The Stella & Dot Giveaway is going great so far, do not forget to enter!

4. I finally joined Weardrobe.

Regular Scheduled Programming

I had a wild dream last night, part of it is a recurring nightmare where my teeth are getting squished and then crumble apart; it is quite painful.. anyone else have this dream?  What I have looked up says that falling out teeth means you are worried about lies you’ve told or anxiety about getting older.  I was also chasing and trying to capture cats that were clawing me and a slippery snake.  The good parts were me flying up over the hills and auditioning to play Samantha on Bewitched; I could twitch my nose.  I’ve been up a few hours and the dream still stays with me, in fact it really slowed me down this morning as I felt I was still in the alternate reality. Does that ever happen to you?

Yesterday was Remembrance Day in Canada which is a statutory holiday. After the moment of silence at 11 am we went for Dim Sum. Fifteen of us showed up so it was quite fun squishing into two tables meant to fit ten people.  This is what I wore.

Suzy Shier Duster Sweater. Thrifted Zebra Striped Tunic, Red Stripes and Polka Dot Skirt and Jazz Shoes. Grey OTKs, DIY from Stockings. Stitches amazing Microfiber Leggings.

11 Responses to “All Your Lovers Revenge”

  1. dearilou says:

    I have teeth falling out dreams all the time. My dream book says that “Teeth falling or coming out easily indicates we are aware of going through some form of transition similar to that from childhood to maturity, or from maturity to old age and helplessness.” Also, “If one is anxious about teeth dropping out it suggests there is a fear of getting old or an anxiety about maturing.”
    I have a dream book that was printed in 1901 as well, and it says that losing teeth represents ” sickness or affliction of a relative or friend.”
    I think it just means I am afraid of my teeth falling out. Not quite so Freudian or anything. In my dreams teeth are just teeth.

  2. Casey says:

    Wow. I have those dreams at least a couple times a year about my teeth! 😉 And I thought I was the only one… I guess I’d have to chalk it up to my anxiety about getting older. For some strange reason I’m terrified of turning 25 next year. rofl!

  3. marta says:

    I have dreams about falling teeth all the time and I heard it means death, but who knows? I guess since I have teeth problems often, I’m always afraid they will all fall off.
    I heard that dreaming w/ snakes (depending on their length) means how big is your problem (whatever the problem is).

  4. Charlie says:

    I have dreams where I grind my teeth together and then they start to get loose and fall out, and I know I shouldn’t grind them because they will fall out but I can’t stop grinding them together anyway…it’s weird I think everyone has them.
    Yay for paisley dress.
    Yes Bad romance rocked I loved it, have watched it so many times.

  5. Kyla says:

    Awesome pattern mixing! This is perfect!

  6. Leproust says:

    You are going to looooove weardrobe! It is definitely one of my favorite online fashion communities!

    Thank you for all of your well wishes! You are so sweet! 🙂

  7. alison says:

    I totally have teeth nightmares. I dream that they are crumbling and I’m trying to keep them from falling out, and it’s so realistic, like I’m contemplating how much life will suck with a mouth full of busted up teeth. I’ve read that it’s a sign of stress or anxiety, and I think I do tend to have them when I’m more stressed. I read something interesting about how dreams only get stored in your short-term memory, which explains why you often remember them right when you wake up, but by a few hours later they are much less vivid, unless you write them down or tell someone else. Anyway… I also agree that Nicole’s film was way better than the shot they chose. I was sort of hoping to see Jennifer in the top two, but it’s been obvious from the start that it’s Nicole’s to lose.

  8. Mo @ Mo-logue says:

    Sometimes I really don’t “wake up” for a few hours. I always feel bad if I’m walking around campus and one of my friends runs into me before I’ve fully “joined the living” – they probably think I’m some kind of alien pod person.

    Teeth dreams are so common…I still have nightmares about my wisdom teeth growing back in…

  9. Missa says:

    Super cool pattern mix! I like what you did with the tie over the skirt 🙂

  10. Amelia M says:

    Love this! One of my good friends has a wardrobe that is soley comprised of blue, red, black and white. It sounds really restricting but she plays with all sorts of patterns and shapes, mixing them up in ways you wouldn’t imagine. I can totally see that working for you!

  11. Intrinsically Florrie says:

    Well apparently I grind my teeth in the night sometimes.. whatever that means, it’s not good!
    Remembrance Day is a pretty big thing here, but not a statutory holiday. I’ve been wearing my poppy and there’s the two minute silence in schools and such.
    I love the patterns you’ve put together. =]

    Florrie x