Nov 07 2009

Vaseline Sheer Infusion

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When I was contacted to write a review for Vaselines® new Sheer Infusion™ lotions, of course I said yes – I love free products and since my favorite lotion St. Ives Intensive Therapy Cream had been discontinued I’ve been in need of a new daily lotion.  I received all three varieties each with there own special properties and scents; Mineral Renewal, Vitamin Burst (my favorite) and Botanical Blend in large 200 ml sizes.

What They Say:
Some moisturizers only treat the top layers of your surface skin, leaving it feeling greasy. Others sink through quickly and your skin is not thoroughly moisturized. New Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ with Stratys-3™ infuses and suspends superior moisture across all layers of your skin.  Only Vaseline® Sheer Infusion™ delivers superior moisture and an unmatched silky feel.

What Are Stratys-3™:
Stratys-3™ is the most effective patented moisturizing complex on the market. It combines three powerful ingredients that infuse and suspend moisture across all layers of skin– the top, the core, and deep down.

What I Say:
As Vaseline’s® ad campaign claims Sheer Infusion™ is a “breakthrough in body lotion” and they aren’t lying, this is the best body lotion I have ever used!  This product actually soaks into the skin creating the smoothest texture I’ve ever experienced.  Any part of my body I put it on instantly feels as soft as the inner arm – go on rub your inner arm and imagine that feeling everywhere.  Okay, I may be overselling it but I am so happy to have this new product in my arsenal. Thanks Vaseline®!

Go to the Sheer Infusion™ website for a $1.50 off coupon.

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  1. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Very cool that they contacted you, I love vaseline products they are usually very good