Nov 05 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 10

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I may be as sick as an old blind dog but I can still cuddle up on the couch for my favorite shows (thank goodness).  Also watching movies my hubby rented for me and the entire The Critic series, inbetween sleeping the afternoons away and staring at the carpet.  Anyway….. this weeks episode of ANTM.

First off, it’s Lauras birthday and the girls are super cute making her breakfast and treating her so nice.  I am sure the producers did not like this high dosage of sweetness and lack of drama, but come on everyone likes Laura.  Today they have a teach with supermodel Marisa Miller and she helps them stick out their buts and barbie toe.  Then they get to roll around in the sand and seductively wash it off.  Erin gets down on her knees, which is a bit odd thing to do in a shower but okay.  Nicole is worried about her lack of sex appeal, not realizing that she actually is sexy.  Agree?

The girls then all have to jump off a (small) cliff for a ‘one shot’ photo challenge.  Did you notice how in the preview they talked about it being life or death and someone off camera yells “Sundai”.  This was marketing bs at it’s best, nothing that bad happened at all, Sundai hit her cheek a bit as she went into the water and she was just fine.  Nicole’s photo was breathtaking, Erins was odd and the rest were average so Nicole wins.  For her prize Nicole gets extra frames, then gets to pick the next girl to get extra frames and so on until one girl is left out and it’s Erin.  She has been in the bottom two twice in a row so it makes sense the other girls wouldn’t want to share with her.

The photoshoot is underwater, now this is so cool.  Jennifer gets best photo and it’s beautiful.

Nicole needed to point her toes, but the upper half is so unique and pretty.

Laura is a bit predictable, but considering she was dealing with a fear of suffercation she did great.

Sundai stayed just below the water and complained about her asthma, and her sore cheek, and about an earache….  It was too much for the photographer to handle and she didn’t get any great shots.

Erin also stayed too close to the surface to get a truly memorable shot.  She also had half the frames of all the other girls.

Click to see who was sent home and leave your thoughts?

Erin is in the bottom two for the THIRD time, Sundai is also in the bottom two for her complaining.  Two photo challenges ago, Sundai lifted her leg like that for all three photos and now she is at it again so it is no shock that she was sent home.



3 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 10”

  1. Nubiasnonsense says:

    Very cool pics, I cant decide which is my favorite lol I think the second one

  2. The Waves says:

    Now that Sundai got eliminated (it was time, although I felt bad for her, she didn’t seem to take it too well), things are getting really interesting. I think the remaining girls are all pretty strong, even Erin… despite her recent struggles she has a unique look. Erin will go next if she doesn’t shape up, but if she improves (the judges clearly love her), I have no idea who will go home next! Nicole is still my favourite to win.

  3. The Clothes Horse says:

    Why do they keep hanging on to Erin? Seriously, she’s been given so many more chances than anyone else. But if they send Nicole home, I will quite watching the show. She’s my favorite, so I really, really hope she wins. 🙂