Oct 30 2009

What To Wear To A Clothing Swap & Last Swap Details

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For a clothing swap party it is helpful to be mobile in your clothing.
I recommend a fitted tank top and leggings for starters.  And for what you wear on top it’s pieces you can easily take off like a loose skirt and an open cardigan, no big jewelry.  A belt is a good accessory for visualizing how items will look belted but if you are at someones house you can always ask to borrow one.  And thin socks in case there are shoes to try on.  When the swapping starts you can lose the cardigan and try items on over and under the skirt.  Lose the skirt when needed as well.

Wednesday’s Swap

The Clothing Swap Soiree was a success!!  I asked for two people to bring snacks but then everyone did, which was so yummy; brie with puff pastry, blueberry cookies, bean dip and cake desserts.  Oh and there was also a lot of wine.  This made for an interesting Thursday morning at work, lol.

This time we did things a bit different with each swapper showing their items one by one and giving a description.  This was helpful to build up the anticipation and have a better idea of what was in the pile.  There was the cutest red cardigan that caught many an eye, and all the fall jackets were on the top of the list too.

The pile o’ goods sorted by item type.

These maroon shoes have always been a bit narrow for me but they fit Lindsay like a dream.

Here we are each modeling our favorite new* items.  We took a series of pictures but jazz hands’ was my favorite.
Swappers you can see the full series of photos in the event details.

I’m so excited about this green blouse, it was my first pick out of the pile.  One of the things to remember about free clothes is that you can always take home a few things you aren’t sure about, try them out for a while and if they don’t work for you bring them to the next swap.  Karina you might recognize the blue sparkly piece on the lovely lady to my left that you swapped to me, I just couldn’t rock it out like it deserves.

Plaid Jackets Old & New – The jacket on the left I’ve had for a while but it was time to give it up, it wasn’t very flattering on me.  And now I have a new plaid jacket, plus someone took the old one, yay!

The rest of my choices included clockwise a Canada tee, red ribbed sweater, blue space age blouse (reminds me of 1990s and Hackers), raspberry turtleneck, cutest argyle sweater vest, a jean skirt  for next summers beach days and a paisley top I swore I would not like but then loved.  I forgot to photo a cute navy and pale blue v-neck sweater and a basic grey scarf but you’ll see them soon enough.

For more on Clothing Swaps – read How To Host and How To Be a Guest.

3 Responses to “What To Wear To A Clothing Swap & Last Swap Details”

  1. Amelia says:

    This sounds like so much fun! I really must organize some sort of clothing swap, since I’ve still never been to one…

  2. Jenny says:

    Your style swap looks like so much fun! I went to one a few weeks ago and coveted everything but felt greedy so I had to pretend that I wasn’t itching to take home half the pile!

    PS paisley get a bad rap (rep?) but it’s so cute! And your argyle sweater looks awesome.

  3. Danielle says:

    so fun! I’ve thought about doing a clothing swap, thanks for the tips!