Oct 29 2009

I’m Feeling That All The Things We Are Is Enough

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 12:00 pm

When I joined ebay in 2004 this dress was one of the first items I ever bought, it’s from jumblelaya. And now is the first time I’ve ever worn it! I know that is ridiculous, I had thought it was more true red so when it arrived this orange shade I felt unable to rock it. Flash forward five years and it may become a new staple. It’s cotton, has a fancy lace cut out hem and has hip pockets.

What do you think, do you like it or is it a bit much?

Vintage Red-Orange Dress, Ebay. Thrifted Red Snakeskin Belt. Vintage and Costume Jewelry, Various. Winner Black Faux Suede Boots.

For fun, vote or answer in the comments. 😉

10 Responses to “I’m Feeling That All The Things We Are Is Enough”

  1. dearilou says:

    I like it. I fear that the length would make me look shorter, but it actually makes you look tall and sleek. Don’t fear color, ever!

  2. Charlie says:

    I like voting in polls! those bottom bits are amazing. It’s a hard colour to pull off. I’m a bit fearful of orange too. You look lovely though.

  3. Hannele says:

    If it weren’t for the lovely lace detailing… I’d say have it shortened to slightly above the knee or perhaps the lace could be salvaged somehow… I think it adds a nice pop of color, and reminds me of a shirt dress with an extra vintage touch, very lovely 🙂 The black tights/black shoe combo, as tempting as it may be in the Halloween spirit, strikes me as a little costumey which takes away from the delicate vintage feel. The necklaces are right on beautiful layering!

  4. Eyeliah says:

    Dearilou: thanks! A shorter length (and less billowy top) would make me happy.
    Charlie: glad I’m not the only one who gets nervous for orange.
    Hannele: yes, I thought about hemming but the hem is the best part. The dress is more of an orange red though so I don’t look like a pumpkin…. I think maybe mustard sandals could look better though, god call.

  5. elle s'ennuie says:

    Yeah, you don’t want to lose the hem! And anyway, it’s got pockets, and that always trumps any flaws a dress or a skirt may have – pockets are just that awesome! 😀

  6. Eline says:

    Oh! I absolutely LOVE this on you! The colour goes great with your dark hair and fair complexion and it just a genrally really awesome dress, actually!

  7. Michele says:

    I really like the dress and think the lace hem looks great against the black background of the boots; but not sure about the red belt . . . (I think I’d prefer either a black, white, metal or natural leather belt. Or maybe even turquoise(?) to match the one necklace. Sorry.) This is a great, subtle outfit to wear for the last work day before Halloween.

  8. Missa says:

    I love it, that hem is amazing! Isn’t it funny how some articles of clothing just need to marinate in our closets before we are ready for them 🙂

  9. Diana says:

    i like the details, the color, but although you totally pull it off, i would prefer something more fitted but it looks great with the belt!

  10. wardrobe experience says:

    omg – it’s amazing. you look fantastic… did you wear the same
    style of clothes 5 years ago?! the dress looks like you bought it
    these days….