Oct 29 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 9

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The episode starts out with Tyra quarantining the girls house – she said it was the grossest in top Model history! And for their punishment? No they don’t have to clean it, they are moving to Hawaii!! After they arrive in Maui and get set up in their astonishingly gorgeous house they do an afternoon of surfing training and then are surprised by a surf photo challenge. Poor Laura is getting redder and redder but says shes been applying spf 80. A few of the girls did really good but Erin was on fire, so she won the challenge. She chooses Nicole and Brittany to join her for a helicopter ride which is quite funny as she was only moments ago (in the confessional) she was nonstop complaining about Brittany. The motive must have been strategic, or maybe she dislikes every girl so it doesn’t matter who she chooses.

For the photoshoot it’s to the sugarcane and they have Tyra as the photographer again? I guess they couldn’t find anyone else. At any rate it’s another beautifully stylized idea of having the girls portray “hapa” which is Hawaiian for two mixed races or half.

As Japanese & Malagasy Nicole was given best photo of the week. It was quite strong but perhaps Jennifer and Laura were better (thoughts?).

Botswanan & Polynesian Jennifer looking all National Geographic.

Mexican & Greek Laura. Thank goodness for the makeup to hide her red sunburn.

Egyptian & Tibetan Erin did that same old pose, but darn if she isn’t the most gorgeous girl.

Native American & East Indian Brittany, the sari and headdress look amazing together. They must have had issues with this photo if it’s being changed to black and white, Tyra did complain Brittany was too stoic.

Russian & Moroccan Sundai was drowning in this outfit, Tyra compared her to a fierce 12 year old Gap Kids model! It’s like a backwards compliment.

Click to see who was sent home.

Erin and Brittany were in the bottom two and Brittany was sent home. So sad. Erin better step up with this second third chance.



3 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 9”

  1. Becca // fashion-train says:

    such gorgeous shots!
    love the jewellery!
    love love love americas next top model too.
    great blog!

  2. The Waves says:

    I thought Nicole’s shot was excellent, although Laura’s was really good too. I have a problem with the elimination this week though. Brittany’s picture wasn’t great, but her body of work is so much stronger than, say, Sundai’s, and if you think about it, the two had exactly the same pose – yet only Brittany was told it was too catalogue.

    I don’t get Sundai at all, I think she looks the same in every photo, and even though this is supposed to be ‘petite ANTM’, I don’t think this was the first time when she looked 12 years old. Erin didn’t deserve to be in the bottom two just because she has insecurities – her picture was still way better than Sundai’s. Oh well! Sorry about rambling on! 🙂

  3. The Clothes Horse says:

    Nicole’s was definitely my favorite. I thought Laura’s leg positioning was really awkward/strange…
    Also, how is it that ANTM can practically do “black face” make-up and make broad generalizations about entire cultures and how they “look” and no one gets offended? I thought this was a really inflammatory episode…not so different from the black face in the recent French Vogue.