Oct 28 2009

The Sounds Setlist Commodore Ballroom

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First let me tell you the embarrassing part, do you ever get tickets from Ticketmaster?  Well they print your receipt on a third ticket so you have to look close and make sure to bring the right ones.  I did no such thing for The Sounds concert.  We had to go all the way home to get my stupid ticket and we missed the opening band.  I have never done this before as I always double and triple check as I am a bit paranoid.  Of course this time I knew better (no I didn’t) lol.

Anyways, I have been a fan of The Sounds for more than 4 years so to get to finally see them has had me so excited.  The crowd was young, I’d say 19-23 on average, lots of crowd surfing too.  The band had major energy, by the encore even I was exhausted.  I think there goal was to out-party us.  They were drinking and smoking on stage, Maja lost her voice from screaming so much and then crowd surfed herself!!  She kept calling us expletive pet names which was fun, and apparently we really know how to party – damn straight!

Set List
Crossing the Rubicon
Queen Of Apology
Seven Days A Week
No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
Hurt You
Midnight Sun
Rock ‘N Roll
Night After Night
4 Songs & A Fight
My Lover
Dorchester Hotel
Painted By Numbers
Living in America

Tony The Beat
Song With A Mission
Hope You’re Happy Now

What I Wore

Thrifted Vintage 80s Yellow Floral Dress and Red Boots. Stitches Silver Thread Tights. Red Belt, Ebay. String Purse, from Childhood.

6 Responses to “The Sounds Setlist Commodore Ballroom”

  1. Suzanna Mars says:

    I WANT THOSE BOOTS. Emphatically.

  2. Bug says:

    Oh, no that sucks. Glad you didn’t miss the main show though. I always worry I’m going to do that, so I check and recheck my tickets before leaving the house. I love that dress! The tights look great paired with that and those gorgeous boots!

  3. noel says:

    i like them red boots.

  4. Mo @ Mo-logue says:

    I have been known to leave the house, only to get to a bar and realize I don’t have any of my ID with me. Only once have I ever managed to slip by un-carded. Now, whenever I leave the house, everyone asks me a hundred times if I’ve got ID on me.

    The Sounds are so awesome! As you know, my jealously of your concert-going opportunities only grows with time.

  5. renr says:

    :S oh well shit happens, but at least the main gig itself seems like it was full of crazy fun!
    I love the recurring reds in your outfit– those bold shades from your belt and boots really bring out the print in your dress!

  6. Wanderlusting says:

    Sounds awesome – get it? HAHA. Anyway thank god you still got to see them. I also suffer from ticketmaster paranoia!!

    PS having a Forever 21 $25 E-gift certificate giveaway on my blog!

    x0x0 Lusty