Oct 22 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 8

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For this episode the girls got some one on one coaching with Lara Spenser of The Insider where they had to interview Ant as he portrayed many different difficult personalities.

Then the challenge, for real interviewing Jessica Lowndes from 90210.  They are told they’ll have to read everything from a teleprompter.  What they don’t know is that after the first question the screen is going to turn into random letters and numbers and then go blank.  Poor Laura who we find out this episode is dyslexic and sees black and white text as moving in waves thinks it is her brain screwing up – not the teleprompter.  She proceeds to curse and then sit blank faced for much too long.  She ends up picking it up but we cannot help but feel sorry for her in this situation.

When Jessica mentions how on the show she had to give up a baby for adoption, Nicole asks her if she has any children of her own – oh no!  After the challenge they mention Nicole asked ‘several’ inappropriate questions, what were the other ones?

Erin won the challenge and got to do a Beauty shoot for Seventeen Magazine choosing Rae and Jennifer to join her.  After this win Erin is feeling super confident and this gets the best of her for the next challenge.  The girls are given the evening prior to write and prepare their own scripts for some Cover Girl products that they try to sell to us the viewer for the next half hour, to a ridiculous degree.  Unfortunately The CW didn’t have any photos of the commercial shoot for me to share with you here.  Laura looked and sounded gorgeous but stumbled over her lines, Nicole did great – wow she can really turn it on, Brittany is compared to a robot, Sundai overacts, Jennifer is charming and memorable, Rae is forgettable and lastly Erin bites the big one.   She stumbles over her lines which causes her to break down repeatedly.  Tyra said the four makeup touch ups they did were the most in Top Model history.

Jennifer and then Nicole are called first and second.  Click to see who was sent home.

Erin and Rae were in the bottom two.  Erin for her cry fest on the commercial shoot, Rae for not showing her personality.  And Rae was sent home.



6 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 8”

  1. The Clothes Horse says:

    I love Nicole’s questions! Quite funny. They really made Erin seem not cool this week; like calling out Nicole as unrelatable to most American girls…yeah, because we really like people who criticize others! 😉

  2. jentine says:

    I’m missing way too many episodes of this good stuff. In the first pic I thought they looked super short beside Lara Spencer, then I remembered that it’s the shawty Top Model edition..

  3. Eline says:

    I can’t help but liking Nicole more and more! I feel for her social awkwardness XD

  4. Julia says:

    lovely blog =)


  5. Eyeliah says:

    TCH: yes, so It hought they would send her home after making her such a ‘bad guy’.
    Jetine: oh yeah I didn’t notice that, they are way shorter than her. Plus each contestant is in flats!
    E: Me too, I was (am) the same way. A lot less now than was I was young/teenage.
    Julia: Thanks so much!!

  6. Amelia M says:

    I found this comment to be very astute: “The girls are given the evening prior to write and prepare their own scripts for some Cover Girl products that they try to sell to us the viewer for the next half hour, to a ridiculous degree.” How true! And so subliminal at the same time. Like Gossip Girl and their Vitamin Water plugs! Just looking at those photos, I find it interesting how all the girls are wearing flats. I wonder whether that’s something they’ve been told to do, to push the ‘short season’ line?!