Oct 20 2009

Three Ways to Wear a Plaid Blazer

Category: Inspiration,My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

When I brought this blazer back from storage I knew it would be a lot of fun to mix in come fall. I’ve been really inspired by oversized and layering necklaces so I brought that into the first look. Starting with a simple blue dress, also adding a studded belt and sleek black boots.

For the second look it’s all about mixing plaids. Since the dress is subtle in grey and black it doesn’t feel like too much. Black tights as the dress is a bit short for the office, peace necklace to add to the youthful vibe of the dress and finishing with contrasting beige boots.

Third I thought to go for matchy matchy. Green skirt matches the blazer, similar pattern in the white eyelet blouse and knit socks and same gold details on the necklace and loafers.

How would you style a plaid blazer?

Outfit #1: Thrifted Plaid Blazer, $8. Blue Dress and Studded Belt, Ebay. Vintage Necklace, Thrifted and Ebay. Black Suede Boots, Winners.

Outfit #2: Thrifted Plaid Dress. Peace Necklace Etsy, DIY Chain. Winner Beige Boots.

Outfit #3: Amber Necklace, Ebay. Green Sheer Skirt, Etsy. Thrifed White Top and Loafers.

7 Responses to “Three Ways to Wear a Plaid Blazer”

  1. Bug says:

    All three outfits are great! I love how you mixed the prints. Your style is always so flawless. I can’t think of any other ways to mix plaid at the moment, kind of a slow afternoon, lol.

  2. Elissa of Spandexpony says:

    Love the outfits, but especially that first one! That color blue looks awesome with the plaid and it looks great on you!

  3. WendyB says:

    I wore this a plaid blazer obsessively all summer (http://francisnewyork.com/blog/2009/06/mad-plaid-and-dangerous-to-know/) but I never styled it as adventurously as you do!

  4. IdStyle says:

    LOVE mixing patterns in general and the outfit where you mixed plaids is awesome! I would definitly mix plaids together or with another print and pair with jeans and great boots (much like you did).

  5. wardrobe experience says:

    Love the blazer. the first outfit is sooooo amazing! the dress, the belt
    paired with the big necklace is just great!


  6. lisa says:

    What adventurous, creative looks! I’d probably be a lot tamer with my plaid blazer: skinny jeans or a black skirt and tights, boots, a tee, and a luxurious-looking scarf.

  7. Mamushka Marie says:

    yay for plaid blazers! cute combos there. i saw this linked on ifb links a la mode too by the way – pretty cool! 🙂