Oct 19 2009

Sockdreams Dreams

Category: I ShopEyeliah @ 3:40 pm

With this cold weather coming back in we are back to cozying up in our tights, knee highs and over the knee socks.  Sockdreams and The Bay as well as the vintage section on ebay are my favorite places to find these.  Today I was checking out the new stock on Sockdreams and knew instantly before I place my order I should share my findings with you.  Click photos for product pages. No they don’t pay me I just love them.

Which do you like?

Fern Lace Stay Up Thigh Highs $20 and Open Crochet Leg Warmers $15

Lace Topped Over The Knees in 6 different color options $15

Harlequin Trouser Sock, 4 patterns available $8 and Vitamin Warmers in 8 colors $8

Socklings are available in 16! colors $9

11 Responses to “Sockdreams Dreams”

  1. jennine says:

    i was just at that site…looking at the wool tights. yikes.
    the fern lace thi his look gorgeous. just gorgeous.

  2. Casey says:

    Oh gosh… I was just on the SD site last week, drooling over the temptation of new, exciting legwear! I’m really loving a lot of the lacy styles this year–I think the first one you showed was one of my top favs! Now if only the weather here would cooperate so I’d actually have a reason to order some new tights… hehe!

  3. dearilou says:

    I like the fern lace thigh highs, but I ADORE the harlequin trouser socks. Gah! I don’t know if I’d have the balls to wear them though. Neutrals are so much easier to work into an outfit unfortunately.

  4. Hannele says:

    ooh! I quite like the first ones, ALOT!

  5. Carla says:

    I love the Lace Topped Over The Knees! I just moved to Portland and cant wait to shop there in person. I’ve always purchased online in the past…

  6. rebecca s. says:

    i am in love with those fern ones, i want them! geez! coming to your blog is so dangerous. 🙂

  7. Eyeliah says:

    yes, the fern are my fav too – why I was inspired to write this post in the first place!

  8. Eline says:

    Aaah! The first are so so gorgeous! *_*

  9. Retro Chick says:

    Everybody loves the fern lace thigh highs! And so do I.

  10. marta says:

    I like the first four!

  11. IdStyle says:

    Totally in love with the crochet legwarmers!