Oct 15 2009

Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 7

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Yes Go Sees Week! It’s always an entertaining episode to see how the clients will perceive the contestants, who they would book and who they dislike. This season they decided to pair the girls up and give them a car and a map. Interesting twist, can the models drive? And share the spotlight with their partner? It’s Nicole and Laura, Jennifer and Erin, Sundai and Rae and Brittany and Kara. Highlights; Rae apparently drives like an 80 year old woman, Nicole aces the commercial reading (really?), Laura and Rae do some offensive accents, Kara is scruffy and doesn’t have her ears pierced and Brittany takes her shoe off and puts in on the desk! Ewwww! As each season there is always someone who needs to see one last client, Sundai and Rae and late and get disqualified. Nicole wins the go see challenge, who would have guessed – Go Nicole!

For the photoshoot the girls are in flowing clothing with the weapon of their choice and strapped up on a harness for half the shoot. Brittany, Jennifer and Nicole nail it with Nicole getting best picture.




Laura and Erin are also given positive critiques.



Rae fell flat giving the same expression in every shot.

Kara didn’t know what she was doing and even admitted in confessional that she gave up.

Sundai looked the same in every shot, literally.

Click for more to see who was sent home.

Adios Kara. Why do they always make people out to be bad guys the week they are sent home? Like this week with all the footage of Kara bad talking Nicole. Oh, and then Kara didn’t hug anyone when she left either.



2 Responses to “Americas Next Top Model Season 13 Episode 7”

  1. The Clothes Horse says:

    I missed this episode, thanks for covering it! I always reluctantly get emotionally tied to characters and have to remind myself that I only like them b/c they make me like them! They can total turn people into villains or victims in the editing room.

  2. The Waves says:

    I liked Brittany’s photo, but was glad that my favourites Nicole and Laura did so well. The competition is becoming more interesting… as good as Nicole is, would they ever choose her to represent CoverGirl, or to get the cover of Seventeen mag, despite her clearly being the girl with most talent..? Damn you, commercial prizes!