Oct 14 2009

Your Pretty Eyes Have Seen Enough

Category: My OutfitsEyeliah @ 9:00 am

The next concert coming up on my calendar is The Sounds and I am listening to them nonstop!  I’ve been a huge fan since ’05 and their new album Crossing the Rubicon is quite danceable and has me excited for the show.  I also saw some recent pictures of Maya on tour and she looks incredible.  After I see The Sounds their will only be ONE band left on my must see list and that is The Strokes.  With Julian Casablancas solo record Phrazes For The Young coming out on Tuesday, perhaps he will tour to Vancouver!

What artist(s) are on your MUST SEE list?

The orange in this skirt matches this esprit sweater perfectly.  Thrifted Sweater. Silk Gold Skirt & Olive Purse, Etsy. Red Orange Earrings, Gift. Hue Brown Fishnet Tights. Brown Tee and Beige Boots, Winners.

12 Responses to “Your Pretty Eyes Have Seen Enough”

  1. Eline says:

    Your earrings are so cute! I thought they were little owls at first XD. I also adore your colour scheme (I’m wearing the same today, hah).

    I think my nr. one must see live musician must be Kate Bush but she never performs so that’s too bad for me D:. I’d also love to see Rufus Wainwright *_* & Nick Cave! The latter is coming to Belgium tomorrow but I can’t go. I am deeply saddened by this ;_;

  2. Franca says:

    I have seen the Strokes and they were terrible. 4o minutes late and JC was off his face and not in a creativity inducing way either. More in a slurring his words and forgetting the lyrics way. I wish I never had seen them, then I would still have a good opinion of them.

    There’s nobody I haven’t seen that I am completely desperate to see I don’t think. Now if Pulp reformed that would be another story – but I have seen them three times before, so I guess I shouldn’t be greedy.

  3. wardrobe experience says:

    your skirt is fabulous! the entire outfit is just great!

    artists on my must see list… few months ago i missed LIFE OF AGONY,
    this band is always on my must see list. when i was a teenager i was
    into a lot of metal and hc music… there are still some artists
    left i love!
    i would like to see GOSSIP, german band named MIA (big love of mine)…
    Tomorrow I gonna see DIE STERNE
    at the place I work …(this band has been very famous in germany some
    years ago)

  4. Audi says:

    I’ve been wanting to see SF’s local heroes The Lovemakers for quite some time because I’ve heard their live show is amazing; alas they don’t play very often and I just missed them when I was in Argentina. 🙁

  5. Skooter says:

    I *love* this outfit! The skirt is beautiful and looks great with the sweater :D.

  6. The Waves says:

    I missed Animal Collective a couple of weeks ago, they are definitely at the top of my list with My Morning Jacket. Love the colours of the outfit, the skirt is lovely!

  7. Kyla says:

    ohmygod I love everything about this sooooooo, sooooo much! Those boots are especially glorious and I would like to have them as my own!

  8. Wanderlusting says:

    Faith No More…Tomahawk…Peeping Tom…Loveage.

    Basically anything Mike Patton has touched (and consequently turned to Gold).

    Why aren’t you listening to FMN yet? Lol

    Oh, also Radiohead again, Massive Attack, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Dire Straights, Muse and Led Zeppelin. Those last three the most.

  9. Danielle says:

    LOVE this mix of colors!!!

  10. Caboguy says:

    – I agree…those look like ‘owl’ earrings!

  11. elena says:

    aww those earings are lovely! i really should pull out more of my jewelry i have tons but i usually just wear the same things i guess im lazy!

  12. dearilou says:

    I really like those earrings. I think fall is such a perfect time for bejeweled bits. The whole outfit is just lovely.
    I’m not generally a big concert fan, I have to admit. I end up getting bored when there is nothing to look at except a person standing there with an instrument. I think it is the theatre kid in me. When watching musicals I always want the ballads to hurry up and get over with because I want to see the story happening instead of a person singing at me.
    With that said, my must see list has bands on it that are fun to watch as well as listen to. Like The Hives and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, both of whom I’ve seen before and really want to see again. Hanson is on there, just because of the 10 year old still living inside me. And the Spice Girls. Pyrotechnics and dancing? Who cares if they lipsink.